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Memory Foam Mattress Toppers FAQs

Mattress toppers are made for additional comfort and support of your bed when you place them on top of an existing mattress. Memory foam toppers are one of the most common types of mattress protectors that can be found on the market. With the ability to mold the body and the capability of equally distributing sleeper’s weight, memory foam mattress toppers are referred to as one of the most comfortable mattress toppers.

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What is a foam mattress topper?

Foam mattress toppers are designed as a removable bedding that can be put on top of your current mattress. They are made from viscoelastic polyurethane foam which allows them to support every part of the body equally and remove the disturbance of your sleeping partner's motion during the night. Combining a memory foam topper with an old and sagging mattress will not only make a massive difference in support and comfort level but also earn you a long time before having to buy a brand-new full-size mattress.

What can a foam mattress topper do?

When using a foam mattress topper, it is not difficult to point out the benefits coming with purchasing one.

- Protect and prolong old mattresses.

- Support pressure points.

- Quality sleep.

- Cost-saving in the long run.

- Distribute body-weight.

- Motion isolation.

What factors to consider when buying a foam topper?

Among lots of things to take into account, the below-listed factors are most important when you are searching for the best mattress topper brands with memory foam material.

Thickness and Density

The best mattress topper for you should have suitable thickness and density. The minimum recommended thickness for average size people is three inches, but a foam topper at 4 or 5 inches thick will provide extra support and firmness.

Meanwhile, the density is measured by pounds per square foot index (PCF). Memory foam toppers for mattresses tend to have a density range from 4 PCF to 6 PCF or greater. While a low-density model is comfortable enough for most sleepers regardless of their weight, a high-density memory foam may cause unpleasant feelings for those who weigh less than 130 pounds or more than 230 pounds.

Softness and Comfort

While the density number affects the softness characteristic of a topper, a lot of people prefer a medium soft level at about 12-pound density. In case of stomach sleepers, a bit harder mattress topper will provide more support for their back.

In terms of comfort, some models with the gel technology can absorb and dissipate the body heat thereby making your sleep much more comfortable during the whole night. Besides, the better pressure points relief capability offers higher supportiveness to the sleeper's body.


The length of warranty is also important when it refers to the lifespan of a mattress topper and at the same time the quality assurance from the manufacturers. There are 3-year, 5-year, or even 10-year warranties, so make sure to keep an eye for the longest warranty that you can get. Good return policy and long return window are also preferable.

What is the price of a foam mattress topper?

You can buy a memory foam topper at the price as low as $50 and also as high as over $1000. This depends on the thickness, density, size, and purity of the foam topper that you prefer. With the budget around $200-$300, you can easily get a good one with great pressure points relief, enough thickness and density, and excellent support and comfort.

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In general, memory foam mattress toppers are the most preferred topper for bed as they have a huge variety of offerings and go a long way toward providing a better sleeping experience.

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