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I am a guy who likes music, games and soundtracks.

i made some soundtracks for some game jam games (which i am ashamed of most of them, because i didn't know how to use openmpt properly)

and PLEASE don't judge me if you only heard the first songs I uploaded, I was new to the art of tracking.

and another thing, apparently my .it modules are compatible with the original impulse tracker, so ignore me if I say in the comments of the module that it is not compatible with this tracker.

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From: The Mad Doctor To: Drozerix
20:32 on 24th March 2023
The Mad Doctor

Drozerix: Now it's working :)

Re: Hey the link to your website leads to an empty profile. :/

From: Drozerix
19:51 on 24th March 2023

Hey the link to your website leads to an empty profile. :/

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