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Norwegian Amiga user and owner of both AmigaOne 500 aka SAM460ex and an AmigaOne X5000. Been using the Amiga since 1987. Tried Amiga 500, 600, owned 3 Amiga 1200 systems (where the third became a Blizzard PPC Tower system) 2 AmigaOne XE systems with both G3 and G4, and now SAM460ex for 10 years, and a new AmigaOne X5000.

Been working with Amiga music at an amateur level since 2018, using the NSM patched version of OctaMED SoundStudio v1.03c with latest PPC native version of TheMaestrix AHI tool, and true 16bit stereo samples around the net.

I love the Amiga and always will. In addition to Amiga music, I'm also trying my thing on painting. Otherwise photo.

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From: SYRiNX
08:19 on 7th September 2022

Hi HKvalkhe! This is Keith F. Kelly (from Facebook). Figured we should connect on here as well :)

From: HKvalhe To: FREE_JACK
17:39 on 27th March 2022

FREE_JACK: Hi there! That's a very nice surprise! Very nice to meet you here as well! This is a great MOD site, so we should have a lot of fun here! Take care, mate ;)

Re: Hi nice to see you on here

23:48 on 22nd March 2022

Hi nice to see you on here

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