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Amateur producer, electronic musik enthusiast.

I race cars too, build them and tune them myself. It's true, i have a naturally aspirated 1996 Chevy corsa 1.6 with a fully homologated roll cage, Fueltech FT450 Programmable ECU, custom exhaust headers, a 278° cam with roller lifters on a 1.8 ported cylinder head , semi slicks, coil-overs and a bunch of shit i cant remeber now, but you get the idea. i can send you a picture if you want!

cool fact, can't remeber how i found mod archive, but i've been using it for months now to get past the IP firewall on my company computer! yup, i basically spend all day sometimes just listening to modules, when the day is pretty slow that is.

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From: M3Y3R To: mahogany
15:44 on 16th September 2022

mahogany: My loneliness has been cured! Thank you!

Re: here's a response!

From: mahogany To: M3Y3R
03:31 on 6th September 2022

M3Y3R: here's a response!

Re: If you see this please respond, i am very lonely.

From: M3Y3R
19:34 on 25th August 2022

If you see this please respond, i am very lonely.

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