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Hello, it's me, a bag of crisps!

I'm a musician from Scotland who's interested in chiptune, sample-based music (which is obvious since I'm here) and making game OSTs!

I've made 2 soundtracks already on the C64 called Ball N Chain
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQ1EHY5AFeE&list=PLKtSsQFPB7Su-eZML_GlUhaWJhEVKy6w2&index=3) and Shallow Domains

I have also made a couple albums called Ready Salted
and Salt N Vinegar

If you do want to get in contact with me, whether it be for music or just to chat, you can find me on discord with Crisps#9055

I hope you enjoy the music I make as I'm still learning to compose well :]

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From: Crisps To: Kat.brush
11:41 on 10th October 2022

Kat.brush: U-2 :]
now people can (steal) borrow my samples and mess with them

Re: Nice to see you here ;)

From: Kat.brush
18:51 on 6th October 2022

Nice to see you here ;)

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