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Hi, you can call me Totem.

Sometime in the 90s, before I was 10, I discover this magic technology that is tracker music, via Epic Pinball and Jazz Jackrabbit.

Much later in the mid 2000s, I discovered the secret of this magic when I discovered Modplug Tracker. immediately I began pulling a part all my favourite music from Jazz2 and Unreal Tournament to learn their secrets.

I once had a high school music teacher remark that it looked like the Matrix. Perhaps he was right.

I started out with chiptune style with samples recorded from Visualboyadvance. First by replacing samples in existing tunes, out of curiosity of what they sounded like.

Soon enough... I began to try making my own music.

Over the course of a decade, after A bunch of small loops, a bunch of memes along with my cousin who was learning trackers with me, I only ever made a few songs.

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