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Hey everyone! The name's Hackurr. I produce tracker music in a variety of different formats and genres, most predominantly jungle and rave music.

I first found out about trackers back in early 2020 after watching cTrix's "Making budget dance music in 1990" video the week it came out. I was already enthralled about rave and dance music from that particular time period and I was in complete awe at what the Amiga could do for its time.

I kept on listening to a few mods here and there (particularly by cTrix and h0ffman) over the next two years until I discovered a PC tracked music compilation in December 2022. Inspired, I began to wonder how I could actually make tracker music. That's where I found out about the ProTracker and FastTracker II clones created by 8bitbubsy, of which I began to look for the finest mods I could find, going on MOD hunts almost every day for months.

Fast forward to March 2023 and I was bored - so I made my first MOD, Movements. At the time. I already was making music with other programs (and at the time, I was much better at using those!) so as you can expect, my first MOD was awful. I didn't even know how to set the tempo!

Over time, I learnt ProTracker and FastTracker properly and got much better at using trackers over the summer of 2023. After I few months, I decided to release my first EP Sugalumps, which you can find on my YouTube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and TMA pages, respectively. To my surprise, it was recieved well and this inspired me to work even more with trackers.

I also began to extensively listen to the catalogues of legendary netlabels from the 90s tracker music scene such as Mono, No'Mo, Milk, Mo Playaz, Tokyo Dawn and Voodoo. Inspired, in September 2023 I decide to form Great Red, a tracker musician group and netlabel which to date has 10 members and over 50 releases.

I also over the coming months released my second and third EPs, enterED Amiga Rave Craze (got 2nd place) and released lots of new things.

That brings us today.

What's next? I don't know. Let's just see where it heads!


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