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From: DiR3C7_H4CK
21:45 on 10th January 2020

¬°Hello, Warhawk! I really like your strange musics like "Onslaught.xm" ^^

From: Alazu
01:11 on 26th June 2015

Although I respect your efforts to preserve wildlife especially a large sum of endangered wild cats... and your fun tracker....

From: Alazu
00:57 on 26th June 2015

Well geese where do I begin.... Warhawk Warhawk...
Okay I see you once or twice or even thrice mentioned in other peoples modules no not to be confused with nighthawk AKA Lizard King NO Warhawk a small artist in my eyes yet sooo many competitions and compos, I feel your music is aimed more at a intense imagery of the video game adventure of the Pre-2000's although an extremely skilled tracker I feel you biggest downfall is the time you put into your modoules but.. still :)

From: Vorpal 86
02:48 on 24th December 2010
Vorpal 86

I like your style tunes here. I've always liked the slow, non distorted easy slap happy listening tunes. Mostly game style music. Nice work!