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From: sodo
21:54 on 26th December 2021

thank you for the amazing tunes, hope you return

From: Sury
10:17 on 16th April 2021

Hey, mind if I use "harsh" soundtrack. In a mod for Friday Night Funkin? I could give you credit for it... If you don't mind it.

From: Roobar
08:27 on 18th March 2018

Hello, I'm interested in using your track XTD Experience mod in a platformer game for Windows. Email me iv4nbg at gmail com for more details.

From: Big Bag Of Chips
04:04 on 1st May 2012
Big Bag Of Chips

your such an amazing chiptune artist, one of my favorite chiptunes from you is ride

From: mictheone
22:34 on 15th March 2010

Siema, nie wierze ze znalazlem tworce mojego ulubionego utworu!! ##explosive## , mam go jeszcze z czasow kiedy moj PC nie posiadal karty muzycznej. Teraz twoj utworek mi sluzy w telefonie.
Pozdrawiam, Michal