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From: sirdoyle
20:54 on 17th November 2018

I dunno if you'll see this, but I love your music. Thanks to Chris Nimmo's Falafel Adventure, I found your music.
I've been trying to make a remix of Twentyfour And Up, but I have no idea how you made the arpeggio thing. I don't know how to explain it, but it's kinda like a vomit of notes but sounds really good. How did you create that?
Also, are you actually Reed Richards from the fantastic four or whatever?
p.s you're my favorite music producer ;)

From: Daemit
15:25 on 4th August 2016

This guy is really funky. You may ask: What do you mean he is funky?

I don't know... His music... It's really funky. He is a funky guy.

Funky how, you may still inquire. What's so funky about it? He is funky how? Funky like he is Funkadelic? Like he amuzes you? Funky how? How is he funky?

I don't know. The way he makes the tunes. They are really funky. He is a funky guy.

Now go home and get your shinebox. :-)

From: khzx117
01:53 on 13th December 2013

Nice Tracks