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From: EmuChicken
16:49 on 5th April 2016



Please get back to me! (contact me, same user at gmail face dot com... face!)

From: m0d
03:08 on 28th April 2014

Gosh, we used to have a lot of fun on IRC, you can still pop by as we're on esper.net (still). We're coming up on a 20th birthday of Modarchive (2016) and would be nice to have the old crew meet up again before then :)

You have a lot of links on your profile which you can turn into clickable ones using the BBCode (url=http://...)blah(/url) (change parenthesis for brackets).

From: eliris
18:25 on 5th September 2011

Moar chips like Logfiles of death!

From: Saga Musix
22:22 on 9th December 2009
Saga Musix

moar chips! :D :D :D

From: Gammis of Lemonride
21:37 on 26th August 2009
Gammis of Lemonride

Who feels like a chip would be needed?