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From: mrwizard
02:55 on 16th June 2015

Did Epic Games get the Unreal name from your Demo with Future Crew or is it the other way around?

From: K. Jose
04:35 on 1st February 2015
K. Jose

You are the one who inspired me to start tracking music.

From: Camelbird
09:56 on 26th August 2014

What a suprise to find you (for me)!:-)
I write to you, because i would like to thank you for the years when your musics were one of the best!

I was young at the 90 years and your music was very-very impressive. Not just for me, but all of my friends/and others. :-) I remember (back in the 90s) a party when YOUR music was the beginner of the "show". :-) There was a PC connected to a HIFI and everybody were happy to hear your music. :-)

So: thank you for the 90s years. :-) You made it really enjoyable!


PS: I write it from Hungary :-)

From: Lord Cadaver
18:51 on 3rd November 2013
Lord Cadaver

You should be making music rather than graphics.

From: elPatrixF
22:01 on 15th May 2013


You are awesome.

From: Daswunderkind
11:19 on 2nd September 2011

Hey xD havent spoken to you in years. I think the last time i spoke to you was on Amiga trackers forum years ago xD

From: logorn
22:59 on 1st November 2010

Futur Crew Member : Your Music Rock !!! thanks and still doing good trackers music . You are the best.

From: SoDa7
19:12 on 29th July 2009

Hey Skaven nice to see you there! :)

From: Sedds
05:12 on 22nd April 2009

You rock.

From: Saga Musix
00:23 on 14th March 2009
Saga Musix

Yes, it's THE Skaven from THE Future Crew... Your music is really great. :D

From: m0d
13:43 on 13th March 2009

It's wonderful to have you come back to the site after all these years :)