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From: Plazmarine
07:38 on 9th October 2022

Love your tunes man, great to hear public domain mods that aren't janky. I really dig that crunchy C64 sound.

I may consider remixing "Reloaded Insanity" and "Poppy Flower Girls" sometime if that is alright.

From: DiR3C7_H4CK
00:35 on 7th June 2019

¡¡¡Hello, Drozeirx!!! =D ¡I've listened to your music of AOE Definitive Edition CODEX cracktro! ^_^

From: wvl
13:56 on 14th September 2018

Thanks for the comment!

From: CryptographicSponge
14:12 on 1st August 2016

Hi Drozerix! Love your work. I featured some of your public domain modules as demos in my probject, a Javascript XM player. Check it out at: https://artefact2.github.io/libxm.js/

From: Hakken
11:37 on 1st July 2015

Really like "Girl From Mars". Great work :)

From: Peak
01:34 on 14th May 2015

Still waiting for a new release ;)

From: neurosys
23:26 on 1st January 2015

Oh thanks buddy. I've seen your comment a couple years later, but thanks still.

From: isaacrmhmd
02:33 on 28th September 2014

Very nice songs man! Level 33 is my favorite. Do you have twitter account?

From: eXOdus
05:48 on 12th May 2014

I sent you an e-mail about ze co-op. Hopefully I can find the time to track this tune, as school gets in the way sometimes.

From: eXOdus
04:16 on 9th May 2014

Half and half will work, but the biggest problem I have is getting a good idea for a melody. Last year I think my mind decided to make me struggle when it comes to musical ideas haha!

From: eXOdus
01:35 on 6th May 2014

Hey Drozerix, you wanna do a collab sometime? I haven't opened FastTracker II in so long that it has been enveloped in a layer of dust lol.

From: KSJPKaZgv
19:23 on 9th February 2014

what's up Dro!!

From: eXOdus
15:47 on 14th January 2014

Yes, you can have my e-mail. Mine is exodusmodules@gmail.com. Do you by any chance have Peak's e-mail? Zorke asked me to e-mail him, but I don't have his e-mail. Thx for your e-mail btw.

From: eXOdus
18:46 on 25th July 2013

Pretty great tunes man! Keep up the good work! I wish I could make good chiptunes... Electronic is pretty much the only thing I am good at.
Some of your favorites are songs that I like too.
Keep tracking, man!

From: goluigi2196
13:16 on 8th July 2013

thx ;))))))))))))))00000000000000000000000000000000

From: eXOdus
02:34 on 10th June 2013

Hi drozerix,
I'm eXOdus and I've been tracking for a while now. I just wanted to tell you that if you're an Elwood fan, I'd be very happy if you listened and commented/reviewed my remix of Sweet Dreams (Sweet Dreams Remix, xo-swtd.xm). Thanks, and keep on tracking!
- eXOdus

From: Peak
17:15 on 3rd June 2013

Thanks man ;) Good to see you back at tracking again.

From: 5KYN3T
19:30 on 23rd April 2013

Hey ! I fixed the MIDI problem .

What OS are you on ?

From: 5KYN3T
17:45 on 18th April 2013

..( ^ ^).. Yeah , it shure is ! But im trying to hook it up to my synth so i can enter notes via MIDI but i cant get it to work :(

From: Big Bag Of Chips
01:06 on 20th September 2012
Big Bag Of Chips

Okay, I'll listen to them later and I'll let you know what I think.

From: Big Bag Of Chips
02:19 on 15th September 2012
Big Bag Of Chips

umm hi

From: Peak
20:34 on 31st August 2012

Did you get the mail?

From: mea-tysev
17:07 on 31st August 2012

You don't say, thanks. :)

From: Peak
19:17 on 26th August 2012

Hey Drozerix! Could I by any chance have your email?


From: elPatrixF
18:38 on 4th August 2012

thx for the comment dude!
Your chiptune music is also awesome! :D

From: Zenon
10:01 on 20th July 2012

Thanks for your kind words Drozerix!
Keep up on this way, chip tunes are still alive also thanks for your contribute

From: Peak
01:48 on 26th June 2012

Thanks, you got some nice tunes aswell! Keep up the good work.

From: MicShazam
00:50 on 18th June 2012

Hey, thanks a lot for the comment, I don't get a lot of those. I'm very happy to get a bit of response on that track, as I tried really hard to do something decent :) I appreciate your attention!

From: Tr4p
09:16 on 18th April 2012

awesome tunes bro!

From: Beyond
10:38 on 22nd March 2012

Thanks a lot man =) it means really much to me.

From: DJ Trackmaster
17:09 on 19th March 2012
DJ Trackmaster

Hey Drozerix! Thx 4 ur comment! Nice to see that somebody still comes across the stuff around here ;) Keep on listening!