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From: Viraxor
12:01 on 27th December 2022

Goodbye, adkd. Thank you so much for supporting me when I was starting. Wish you the best.

From: Manical
23:43 on 26th December 2022

Sad to see you go, adkd. Hare Krishna and I hope we can talk again in the future :)

From: mpxvm
10:54 on 25th December 2022

Sad to read your last statement, at the same time I am very grateful for your contribution and for inspiring me with your track samples sets and great tracks. Hare Krishna!

From: dand many more
11:31 on 11th June 2022
dand many more

My most humble thanks to your rating on my track Little Star. Glad that you liked it. I might consider doing more 'ports' like that in the future. It was a really old Fruity Loops version (1.7.6.).
I really like the old versions charm though they are limited like no piano roll etc. Have a good day.

From: melcom
00:24 on 8th May 2022

Hey, adkd o/

Thanks for your comment and rating on my track: "Stroke". Thank you very much :)

Many greetings,

From: mpxvm
13:57 on 20th February 2022

it was challenging to reduce the original 185 version with 20 channels to minimal 4 chaneels version. I had to get rit of some channels and to mix with interpolate other channels. Of course, doesn't sound like a game mod, is just the format made for that :D

From: LooPeR231
23:55 on 18th February 2022

Thank you for your review on Connected Spirits!

From: The_Muzykant
17:57 on 23rd December 2021

Greetings. I'd like to thank you for your review on my Night Drive module :D

From: dand many more
18:30 on 13th November 2021
dand many more

Thank you :) That was my intention to create in that genre (regarding the track Justifier).
The dhtest.xm is an old track I made in 1997 that I haven't made time to finish. Glad you liked it.

From: Manical
02:03 on 22nd September 2021

Thanks for the review on the Life is a Bonus remix! :D

From: mpxvm
10:48 on 21st September 2021

FUMIX 165 is not perfect, I just realize that bass note is not stopping in the way that I was expecting but on that euphoric creation process I didn't saw the error ... there are some things to be noticed days later after release :)

From: Bobibi
18:33 on 30th August 2021

Thanks for the positive feedback! :)

From: Manical
15:53 on 26th July 2021


Thanks for liking my Hauz1 song.

I appreciate it :D

From: mpxvm
08:24 on 3rd March 2021

I'm very excited to see how our new featured songs get shape and evolve, two minds at work are always better then single one :D

From: mpxvm
13:45 on 5th December 2020

Thanks for feedback adkd, is very flattering to get again an message from You, especially because you are a reference for me when comes the good and elaborated tracker songs in question :D

From: Looping
17:12 on 4th October 2020

Thanks For Your Opinion of My module application :)
I'm relatively new to modules

From: dand many more
14:36 on 20th August 2020
dand many more

Thank you for your feedback!

From: pilldebt
01:08 on 18th July 2020

Thnx man :)

From: mpxvm
17:44 on 15th May 2020

Thanks for Feedback! Unfortunately we don't have a response option on Track Comments Page so I have to write back here :))) The song starts with G40 (volume set to max) and ends in fade with G00 (volume to mute). On modarchive player starts again when song finishes, I hope is ok that way. If you have some other preferences, recommendations or wishes regarding song fades in outs or song structure just drop a message to me, I'm constantly learning :D

From: ASIKWUSpulse
19:57 on 8th April 2020

Hi, I actually managed to be not so lazy and go online here today and why not - thank you for the kind comment on 99 house :D

From: mq4
14:40 on 26th March 2020

Thank you so much for your comments on my old tracks from 2007. I'm happy you liked them, and I also wanted to thank you, because I had more or less forgotten they exist, and thought my chiptune music was long gone as I had not saved it locally. Your comments enabled me to listen to it again, after all these years, and also gave me new inspiration to work on my music.

Thank you so much! You have made me very happy. Take care! :D

From: Psirius
16:52 on 19th March 2020

Thanks again! I admit that I lack many to listen, we are too many, which I see very well, but in a while I will take an eye, or better, an ear. Music does not pollute anyone and there are few excuses left for me ... Greetings ...;)

From: Psirius
01:24 on 21st January 2020

Thank you! Your words and appreciation are appreciated. ;) Peace!!