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Mod Archive Upload Terms, Conditions and License Agreement

Version 2.2 as of April 29th, 2009

This Agreement describes the legal relationship between you (an individual providing material by uploading songs or other files to the modarchive.org/com server) and the modarchive.org/com server operators ("us", "we" in the following text). Please read this document carefully. As this document is modified, the new version will apply to any files uploaded later than that date, but will not be applicable to previously uploaded files (see section 3.3).

Section 1: Copyright holders

  • 1.1, General license. By providing a song/file to us, if you are the copyright holder of the song/file in question, you agree to grant us a non-exclusive, royalty-free, non-retractable non-terminable, worldwide license to: a) Distribute your song/file on the modarchive.org/com web site or in any other form of distribution that we deem appropriate. b) Publicly display, publicly perform, broadcast, encode, transmit, reproduce, manufacture and distribute your song/file in whole or in part, alone or in compilation with content provided by third parties, through any medium now known or hereafter devised. c) Apply non-destructive and non-changing compression systems to decrease the file sizes of the files uploaded to us.

  • 1.2, License to redistribute. By providing a song/file to modarchive.org/com you furthermore agree to give anyone who wishes to redistribute your song/file a license to download the song/file from modarchive.org/com and do so, provided it has stayed in its original, unmodified, unbundled form.

    Note: If you are visitor looking for information about using modules in your productions i.e games/applications, please see the Licensing FAQ.

  • 1.3, Ownership of Copyrights. You retain ownership of the copyrights and all other rights in the song/file provided to us, subject only to the non-exclusive rights granted to us under this Agreement. You are free to grant similar rights to others.

Section 2: Non-copyright holders

  • 2.1 License. By providing a song/file to us if you are not the copyright holder of said song/file, you agree that you have previously secured a license to redistribute the song, according to the terms of Section 1.

  • 2.2 Copyright infringement. Furthermore you agree that you are fully responsible for your action of providing the song to modarchive.org/com, and that modarchive.org/com may hold you liable for any copyright infringement caused by your uploading of the song/file to the modarchive.org/com server, and thus that modarchive.org/com should not be held liable for any consequences of your actions.

Section 3: General terms and conditions

Section 4: Footnotes

  • 4.1 Works in the public domain. Materials that have previously been distributed under public domain license (for example, PD Disk Distributors) are quite legal to upload to our servers as long as the material has not been modified from its original state since release. Any works submitted to The Mod Archive that are not uploaded by their creators or copyright holders are assumed to be released into the public domain prior to upload and therefore legally licensed for redistribution as Public Domain material by The Mod Archive. Materials that have been uploaded but have been modified since origin are submitted entirely at the uploaders own risk, where all liabilities remain with the uploader concerning any legal implications that arise from subsequent litigation should there be any incident where a party has cause to complain.

  • 4.2 Footnote disclaimer. Should any section of the footnoted contradict the previous paragraphs in sections 1-3 inclusive, the paragraphs in sections 1-3 inclusive take precedence.