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-* A song for Corinne *- (a_song_for_corinne.it)

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  • a_song_for_corinne.it is a IT format module. Uncompressed, it is 1.22MB in size and has been downloaded 1330 times since Sun 3rd Jun 2007 :D

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  • Mod Archive ID: 155015
  • Downloads: 1330
  • Favourited: 2 times
  • MD5: 1076983d2343f1e3022887e15b30765b
  • Format: IT
  • Channels: 48
  • Uncompressed Size: 1.22MB
  • Genre: n/a

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  • Member Rating: rating (9 / 10)
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member Posted by Arne Puszelski on Sun 7th Mar 2010, rated 9 / 10.

Great one, very professional. I like the "flow" in this music. Very relaxing and very good samples. Great work!

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Info Internal Texts *

-* A song for Corinne - An ode to the green eyed *-
by TNK / Realtech ^ Dzone ^ Advanced rythm technologies.
(c) 1999 by Philippe Meisburger, All rights reserved.

Contact me at -->
philmeis_club-internet.fr or philmeis_mail.dotcom.fr

Do it ! I love hearing from my tracks !!!

Visit my website, download my other tracks and
see pictures of my hometown at the following address :


Warning :

This song uses realtime resonant filters on some channels, this
means that the song will not play correctly if your system is not capable
of playing those filters. To replay them, you need to use impulse tracker
on a MMX computer with a soundblaster card (Not a GUS), to use the MMX
driver for IT and to to set it to "MMX, Filtered" in the driver setup
screen (Shift+F5).

If your computer does not have that configuration, use modplug player 1.40
or higher, which can replay those filters too, and even on any powerful
enough machine. To get the latest modplug, surf to http://www.modplug.com

If your computer is not strong enough to replay those filters in realtime,
use the modplug player diskwriter to transform this song into a .WAV file
and then transform it into a .MP3

If there are enough requests, I will upload myself a .MP3 version of that
song on TraxinSpace (But note that it will be a simple IT->WAV->MP3

Also note that in some moments, there are up to 103 (!!!) virtual channels
playing in the same time 44khz, 16 bit samples ! You will need a damn fast
pentium to replay that track correctly !!!!!!

Speaking about channels...I've again beaten my record of the most channels
used in a song, as this one uses 48 channels (my previous record was 46
channels, in Age of analogia - digital age remix). Coders : Please code a
256 channels tracker !!!

Inspiration for that track came by listening to pieces written by Vangelis
like Hymn and the chariots of fire (That's pretty obvious !) and also from
Philipp Glass's opening theme to the wonderful movie "The Truman Show",
opening theme that might soon be trackerized by me...This song can be
considered as a tribute to those 2 great artists. Some friends think this
is the best song I have ever written. I personally think it's not THE best
but without any doubt it has it's place in the top 5 of my best ever
written tracks (To my opinion, of course !)

Of course, the Wonderful Corinne is the main source of inspiration of this
Track !

This is quite strange, as this is also one of the tracks that took me the
less time to compose - one night - even if I worked a whole afternoon
afterwards to enhance the arrangement. It was like if some higher being
would have guided me during the creation process of that track (Even if I
personally do not believe in "higher beeings").

I hope you will like my track !

Peace for the world - make music, not wars !


<- A song for Corinne ->
<- By TNK/Rlt^Dzn^Art ->
<-  For the one with  ->
<-  the green eyes..  ->

 Big big kisses go to :

Other greets -->
maF, DrNobody, BeatHoven,
Bladh, CyberZip, Swallow,
Pollux, Anders & Lisa,
Skyraver, HighH, Bump,
Synergy, Redt()mat0, Yoda
Spit-it, TSK, Garr, Wain,
Marix, Toodeloo, Lamyo,
my friends _ school and
all I forgot.

Contact me -->

Visit my website -->

Do only listen to that
track with a player that
can handle the realtime
resonant filters (Zxy fx)
Means IT with a SB+MMX
or Modplug 1.40 or higher

This song is (c) 1999 by
TNK A.K.A. Philippe
Meisburger. All rights

Sample sources --> F3
Message (Read it!) --> F9

Length -->5:26
Dance bass speeder   -Ana
crystal              -R50
piano                -R50
Phaser 1             -Ana
Phaser 2             -Ana
Phaser 3             -Ana
Phaser 4             -Ana
Phaser 5             -Ana
Phaser 6             -Ana
Phaser 7             -Ana
Phaser 8             -Ana
Phaser 9             -Ana
Deathstars (low)      -X5
Pirat pad 2          -Rip
Sweeper              -Ana
Reversed deathstars   -X5
Layer strings 4       -X5
Cosmic choir     -R50+Me!
Star pipe            -Ana
Timpani c-4         -Sg50
Sweeppad 64          -Ana
Pow horn             -Rip
Sinewave             -Ana
"Starwind"           -Ana

Sample sources :
-Ana : Programmed &
       Rendered by TNK
       in Analogic 1.1
-R50 : From Alexel's
       Roland D50
-X5  : From maF's Korg X5
       Sampled by TNK&maF
-Rip : From various mods
       (1 from a mod by
       Pirat, the other
       from ancient
       memories by pOW)
-Me! : Means that my own
       voice was mixed in
       that sample.
-Sg50: From Yamaha's Sg50
       Softsynth (by TNK)

Feel free to use any of
the samples above in your
own composition.
Credits are however

Greets --> F4 (Instrs).
Message --> F9 (Message).

This song is (c) 1999
by TNK A.K.A. Ph.
Meisburger. All rights

Mail me :

Do only listen to this
track with a player that
can handle the realtime
resonant filters (Zxy fx)
Means IT with a SB+MMX
or Modplug 1.40 or higher

Length --> 5:26

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