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arc-enigma.s3m (arc-enigma.s3m)

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  • arc-enigma.s3m is a S3M format module. Uncompressed, it is 8.81KB in size and has been downloaded 84 times since Sat 23rd Jan 2021 :D

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  • Mod Archive ID: 191125
  • Downloads: 84
  • Favourited: 0 times
  • MD5: d9413f3f07edf513d5e48568d3fb648a
  • Format: S3M
  • Channels: 16
  • Uncompressed Size: 8.81KB
  • Genre: Chiptune

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comments Artist's Comments

artist This was my third song. Like my second song, "Calm," this song was intended to be a part of the game my friends and I were planning on creating, entitled "Eighth Enigma." In fact, this was the main theme.

I had no capability of creating my own samples at the time. I had to rely on ripping samples from other songs. I didn't know how to select them a la carte, I really only knew how to take all the samples from a song. In this case, the samples came from Armani Showers: the song that came packaged with Scream Tracker 3 at the time.

Since Armani Showers was a chiptune, by default Enigma was a chiptune as well, given the sample set I had to work with. I think I may have perhaps figured out how to get samples from other songs in the process of doing this, but my memory on that is really hazy. I don't remember exactly how I managed samples before I started using Impulse Tracker (which had a feature that made extracting samples and instruments from other songs trivial).

Our ambitions for Eighth Enigma dwindled not long after this. It never got to be more than a concept.

This song is incomplete. Like Calm before it, I was so enthused about getting songs written that I didn't bother to slow down and verify that they were done and listenable. There's no structure to this song at all. Just a three-note repeated motif using a sinewave, variations on that with a sawtooth wave, minimal percussion, and a badly looped pad that is not integrated with the rest of the song at all. The percussion interlude is out of place and I think I just added because I couldn't think of what to put in. Yes, it's just random notes that I pounded in. I also still didn't know how to cut notes, so some loops keep playing when they shouldn't, and there's no smooth loop back to the beginning.

This is probably my second-worst song. The only one I think it's better than is Cellular Magnetic. Since my attention to detail was non-existent and my desire to say I had a completed a track overcome everything, my work on this one was totally perfunctory. At least it doesn't grate on the ears (which Cellular Magnetic does, and how).

I did get better, of course, and about a year after I completed this song I was definitely competent and putting more care into my music. But this phase of my tracking career was, well...it was rough. I sure felt pretty confident about it at the time, though. - arcturus

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Info Internal Texts *

Weird Blooper Noise
Techno Drum
Really low Buzz
Badly looped brass major
Badly looped brass minor
Yes, ladies and gentlemen
It is the theme for Eight
Enigma!  Presented
graciously by Arcturus!

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