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" Breath of Fire " (aws_fire.xm)

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  • aws_fire.xm is a XM format module. Uncompressed, it is 976.56KB in size and has been downloaded 5587 times since Wed 9th Feb 2000 :D

Info Info

  • Mod Archive ID: 34430
  • Downloads: 5587
  • Favourited: 3 times
  • MD5: 3cbb1f91279da7f0cb6dfc3a2f135939
  • Format: XM
  • Channels: 32
  • Uncompressed Size: 976.56KB
  • Genre: Pop (general)

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  • Member Rating: rating (9 / 10)
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member Posted by Dreams on Fri 5th Dec 2014, rated 9 / 10.

Definitely worth a download! Also features a 'hidden' bonus section playing the main theme in major instead of minor at the end! This song is even better when played at 170 BPM instead!

member Posted by SB-Trance on Thu 3rd Aug 2000, rated 9 / 10.

This module is very nice, everything has a pretty nice ambient touch, with some dance rythms. I think the intro is a bit too short, that with the piano, but after a while you forget that trifle. Very nice melodies here, and the bassline is pretty cool. Soundeffects are been used all the time here.. but there are some monotonous parts. But hey, I really like this excellent music. The first-part end is very nice, and then a pause. Starts with some hihats and stuff.. I love that.. metalsnare!!=) The final end is a bit unprofessional, but I think it was the first part which was really done seriously. Love this technic. Excellent, marvelleous. Very nice samples, and the pianointrument is just amazing. Very complicated tracked, and its all arranged and organised well. This is really a fancy tune!

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Info Internal Texts *

       By Awesome
    Wild Bits / Inside
and Exelweiss Entmnt.

_ 1998 Victor Vergara.
  All rights Reserved
Thanks to Estrayk and
Evelred / Capsule
for some samples and
ideas for the rythm.
Thanks to Joice and
Karsten Koch for some
samples. More credits
in every sample info.
I hope you enjoy this
song 'cos it has
needed some hard
work. More or less
ten  hours of intense
I really love it !! =)
Let's go now to my
usual words...

   Get more Awesome
 stuff at Blastersound
 + 34 - 58 - 293 - 583
   Awesome World HQ.

Awesome Proffessional
    -= Art Studio =-
Music, Grafics and SFX
 for games and demos
     (96) 359 67 44
     Victor Vergara
  C/ Montemayor 1, 5
  Xirivella (Valencia)
       46950 Spain

More Awesome modules
may be found at :
or also at Wild Bits
Main Homepage :

Inside Homepage isn't
available yet, so,
you'll have to wait.
No Greetings???

Yes!!!! Here are all
of them :
Special Regards to
Naiad and Impression
and all the Wild Bits
Skaven / Future Crew
Sergio Dj, Rlogic,
MrMx of Nova.
Gergely Patai (Cobb)
Noisyman, Mikel of
Crom, Xchip, Mitra of
Spanish Lords.
All my partners of the
United Trackers group.
Mmiguel/The Passengers
Joice, FJFC, Dr.Mad,
DjKike / TheBanner
Trilogic, Maverick,
Everyone of Vulcanus,
Turbobit, Stratos.
Naif / Electra /Inside
JCL / Unknown
Dragon / Spanish Lords
Smash! Wonder and
Slaanesh, wherever
you are!!!
And all the rest of
friends I forgot this
time but I'll remember

To Aurora, my best
wishes, as ever.

Release Date : 21-2-98

      - Disclaimer -
  All Rights Reserved.
 You aren't allowed to
  modify this or other
  of my compositions
without my permission.
   (C) Copyright 1998
      Victor Vergara
Signed : Awesome
        Member of
   WB / ISD / XLWS
and United Trackers
------Note : -------
The final patterns are
just a joke. Forget
them if you want. =)
   " Breath of Fire "
      by Awesome
  32 channels Stereo
Running Time : 4' 27 "
      Size : 940 Kb

Note : Listen to this
with Fast Tracker 2.
Cubic doesn't handle
volumes correctly.
If not, use Surround
Inside Members :
Awesome / Evelred
Naif  /  Noisyman
Sergio DJ / Smash!
Wally / Wonder
Wild Bits Members :
Wing Extrem
Exelweiss Members :
R. Mencia.
bass by joice
as samples #1,#2
and #3
sample by joice
From sample CDs
From Sample Cds
From Karsten Koch

estrayk & evelred!
estrayk & evelred!
From Sergio Dj.
From the Module
"Phased Chords"
by Evelred and
Awesome hihat
From Evelred and
Estrayk Module.
Evelred and Estrayk
From Lizardking
by Karsten Koch
I think from...
by K.Koch
by K.Koch
by K.Koch
by K.Koch
by K.Koch
by K.Koch
from Falcon's
Stories from the
Dawn of Imagination
by Falcon
Sample Cds
Sample Cds
from Sample CDs
Made by Impression
From Impression
   The Best Piano
ever by the great :
Noisyman / Iguana
Cool Keyboards,

From Impression
Sample by
Sergio DJ.
by evelred & estrayk!
Zap by Sergio Dj
Awesome breath!!

Sounds cool, no?
by Sergio DJ

Module by Awesome

Sample by K.Koch
Sample by K.Koch
Sample by K.Koch
Sample by K.Koch
Sample by K.Koch
Sample by K.Koch
Sample by K.Koch

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