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Sonata #8 (Patetica) (azo_pat.it)

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  • azo_pat.it is a IT format module. Uncompressed, it is 204.31KB in size and has been downloaded 3409 times since Sat 27th Mar 1999 :D

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  • Mod Archive ID: 34530
  • Downloads: 3409
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  • MD5: 1e59c9381ee08e423dc9efb5248ecea6
  • Format: IT
  • Channels: 8
  • Uncompressed Size: 204.31KB
  • Genre: Piano

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member Posted by Metro28 on Thu 22nd Jul 2021, rated 10 / 10.

It's quite long and good, 200 orders, 14:57 mins. It is not very "dense".
It's amazing how long it is, everything it has, and it only weighs 209kB.

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Info Internal Texts *

                        Sonata #8 (Patetica) Opus 13
                (Dedicata al Principe Carlo von Lichnowsky)
                      written by: Ludwig van Beethoven
                              tracked by: Azo

This is by far my favorite Beethoven solo piano work, spanning the piano
from top to bottom with massive chords, quick finger work, thundering
melodies, and subtle diminishment.  Written in 1798, this is still one of
the most popular performance pieces ever, and a milestone for any pianist
daring enough to test his or her endurance.

I first heard this piece during one of my weekly piano lessons when I was
six or seven.  An advanced student was trying desperately to accomplish
the monster octaves through the Allegro molto con brio section.  I fell in
love with the first movement immediately, but did not pursue it for years
to come.  While in 8th grade, my teacher and I were searching for a
suitable competition piece, and this one came to mind.  With little time
to prepare, we began working.  As you will notice in this track, the first
movement is over six minutes long.  In the competition I was entering, a
soloist had no more than six minutes.  I spent ten hours a day speeding up
my performance, so that I would not be disqualified.  On competition day,
not only did I make it in under six minutes, I also won the State level
trophy for my performance.

I have not performed the second or third movement of this piece, though I
would like to challenge the third someday.  A close friend of mine once
performed the third movement in competition, and was unanimously voted the

I know that the piano instrument used does not completely offer justice to
this track, but I can find none better currently.  All I can do is try my
best to offer a solid interpretatin of a classic piano solo with limited
tools.  The score was taken from a Belwin Mills book, edited by Artur
Schnabel.  I did not follow the markings exacly in the book, as I didn't
particularly care for some of his interpretation, especially in the
dynamic markings.  Also, there are several notes that I noticed in this
book that I have not seen in other scores.  For instance, patterm 96,
channel 01, line 56 shows a D4, where most other scores of this particular
piece leave that out.  Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that this is not
a run-of-the-mill interpretation.  I have taken license in many areas,
including tempo variations, dynamics, styling, and harmony.  So, whatever
you think of this, I'd like to know.

Jesse (A.K.A. Azo)
email: jworley_airmail.net

Release Date: 3-26-99
                          Additional Information

The score that I tracked this from had much different markings that those
I remember from previous scores, but this is a breakdown of the different
sections, organized by pattern.  Most of these marking are directly from
the score, though some are my own.  I did not follow these markings
directly, so this is only a partial breakdown of what you're hearing.

Movement           Patterns     Time
--------           --------     ----
First Movement     000-083      6:38
Second Movement    084-110      4:40
Third Movement     111-153      3:38

Total Time         000-153     14:56

Patterns   Markings                   Dynamics   Special Instructions
--------   --------                   --------   --------------------
000-003    Grave                      p-ff       serioso
004-008    Grave                      p-ff       dolce, quieto, pesante
009-017    Allegro molto e con brio   pp-fff     non troppo legato
018-027    Leggierissimo              pp-mp      appasionato ma ritmico
027-038    Legato                     p-ff       non stringendo, agitato
039-042    Grave                      fp-p-pp    sonore
043-060    Allegro molto e con brio   p-ff       semplice, pesante
061-068    Leggierissimo              pp-mf      leggiero, calmare un poco
069-073    Legato                     p-fff      quieto, articolato
074-076    Allegro                    f-sf       artiolato
077-080    Grave                      pp-sf      semplice, espressionado
081-083    Allegro molto e con brio   p-ff       pesante

084-091    Adagio cantabile           pp-p       legatissimo, sereno
092-097    Tranquillo                 pp-p       ma con sentiment
098-101    Adagio cantabile           ppp-p      dolce, con abbandono
102-105    Tranquil                   pp-fp      egualmente
105-110    Cantando                   pp-fp      poco calando, articolato

111-118    Allegro                    p-mp-f     delicato,leggiero
119-123    Leggierissimo              p-mp-mf    leggiero, distinto
124-133    Legatissimo                p-mf-ff    tranquilo, dolce
134-149    Allegro                    p-mf-fff   delicato, calando
150-153    Semplice                   pp-ff      non troppo legato, breve

Thanks for listening!  Hope you enjoyed it!

Greets out to Damien, LittleElk, hang0wer, velocity, DeepJ, Sergei, Zola,
Semtex, SLH, Divion, Virt, The Nuke, Crimson, and anyone else I forgot to

Piano Main Long
Piano Main Short
Piano Main Staccato

Piano Secondary Long
Piano Secondary X-Long

All of these instruments
are mapped to the same 6
piano samples.  In order
to get the correct sound
I had to make duplicates
and modify their settings
Piano 1  Piano 1  Piano 1
Piano 2  Piano 2  Piano 2
Piano 3  Piano 3  Piano 3
Piano 4  Piano 4  Piano 4
Piano 5  Piano 5  Piano 5
Piano 6  Piano 6  Piano 6

These Piano samples were
ripped from a track by
Picman.  I have no idea
whether he created it or
ripped it from someone
else.  Anyway, I started
writing the track with a
different set of samples,
but switched to these
after hearing how much
better they sounded.

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