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.triple oppression (cc_trple.xm)

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the fundamental
opposition in the
world of today is
the struggle for
the resources of
this planet between
the wealthy, the
oppressors, and
the poor and oppressed
at large, this cliff
runs between the
i-countries and the
u-countries, which
is very easy to see
after the end of the
cold war.
when the conflict
between the
imperialistic super-
powers of the east
and the west ceased,
the war between the
north and the south
became all the more
visible. this global
classwar is primary
fought on the
battlefield of the
economy, by the
(very small) rich part
of humanity against
the poor. instead of
rifles and grenades
the weapon of choice
are skyhigh interest-
rates, economical
dependance and
exchange on uneven
conditions. the result
is the same though:
death for millions of
innocent people.
the rich world's
exploitation leads to
violance, criminality,
desperation, social
misery and raping of
ecology. this is a
one-side aggressive
war and it's the
aggressor who makes
the rules.
the military wars of
today is more and more
about economic power
and liberation from
artificial nationstate
s such as jugoslavia
and the soviet-union.
note that the line
between the ones
who have access to
the resources is the
same as the one
the rich and poor,
which means that
the resources will
be used as weapons
and threats in a
conflict situation.
but the class war is
not just an internatio
al war, it's also a
war nationally between
rich and poor groups.
there are oppressed
in the i-countries
just as there are
oppressors in the
u-countries. the class
line is between the
few who owns means
of production, fact-
ories, machines, land
and housing, and the
poor who doesn't
own anything.
the later are forced
to sell their work
to the rich, who
therefore can aquire
workfree income by
exploiting the many's
very basic needs.
most of us throw
away about 40 years
of our life on this
modern form of slavery

that's the capitalist
undepending on if it
acts as the liberal
"democratic" model,
or in the
variant that we know
from the communist
dictatorships in the
in companionship with
sexist oppression
and the racist
those three
oppressions correspond
to the terms
class, sex & race.
these three oppression
 s are the rich's
global beating-rod
against the masses
of poor!
 (thanks to PeA)
don't sit back and
ignore this:
/altemark of tfsb
(c) mutual aid



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