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Space Walk (gh-sw.xm)

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  • gh-sw.xm is a XM format module. Uncompressed, it is 430.86KB in size and has been downloaded 3883 times since Tue 4th Sep 2001 :D

Info Info

  • Mod Archive ID: 43496
  • Downloads: 3883
  • Favourited: 5 times
  • MD5: 1e35b54cd2914ac88dccceba777d2b7e
  • Format: XM
  • Channels: 20
  • Uncompressed Size: 430.86KB
  • Genre: Chiptune

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Info Internal Texts *


Copyright(C) 1-9-2001
Kevin Chow, All Rights

I'd like to say a big
thanks to Seth Peelle
for writing Celestial
Fantasia - that was
what inspired me to do
this mod. I would
advise you download it
NOW! :o)

If you're wondering
where the instruments
are, load up FT2 and
look down a bit.
Also thanks to the
Author of Nim - look
out for the reverse-
pattern in 17-10 :o)
took a good 30 minutes
to cut and paste all
of that, but it's
quite nifty. I could
have done the multi-
pattern scroller but..

Sorry about the lack
of bass.

I think this must be
my 17th or so mod...
...and a much better
attempt at a chip/demo
-style mod than my
<ahem> last one... :o)

And, whoever said that
writing in this style
makes you learn about
effects'n'stuff wasn't
bloody joking.
I tried to make it
look colourful in
Cubic for you too :o)

Random Greetz fly 2:
Zepsi, Komsip, SLH,
LittleElk, DMSN, Renx,
US (not the country),
Cryssalid, Keen, Whiz,
Keen, roncli, Idaho,
Jesse Worley, Pikari,
Thorn, uh, Ivory,
Eterman, um, uh...
well, thats all I can
think of for now...

...and if anyone is
any good at maths
from a university
academic point of view
please let me know or
else I might not get
past 2nd year!

A few bitz for ya, jus
to make it fun:

 Zepplin flies over
 Lake Constance

 Wright Flyer 1 has a
 12 second flight...

Skipping on...

 A b-25 collides with
 the Empire State
 Building in heavy fog

 Man Utd. wiped out
 in tragic air crash

 First flight of the
 A-12 interceptor

 The X-24B lifting
 body is air-dropped

 Airships fly over

 F-117A officially

 Airbus A3xx (now
 A380) unveiled

 I'd like to say grats
to Aviation, Year by
Year by DK for this
(Yeah, sure, it was
30 quid, but what the

To all ye trackers:
Don't make lame music
don't rip lame music -
be Creative! (yeah...)
Rhythm Support

Made my Me
Wow Bass

Dunno, but I chipped
Lead 1, Centre

From "More than meets
the Eye" by Chuck
Chipped by Me
Bass Guitar

Dunno where this came
Shortened by me
Synth Strings

Dunno - I really
should work out where
I got this
Clean Electric Guitar

Cut by me

 (c) 1998 MAZ

 'no.1 instruments'

Orchestral Hit

Mass Orchestra.Brass

Chipped from
Skaven's sample
See Lead 1 Centre
See Lead 1 Centre
Hihat Pedal

Monz, Alesis HR-15
Had to amp this
Light Cymbal Crash

Merregnon Compo
Sample (I think)
Small and shitty,
but it did the trick

Cellar Snare?

KIArchive or Maz's
instrument pack?
Amped by me
Kick drum

Merregnon? Maz? I
Huge Snare Drum L

KIArchive, definitely
FX Thump

FX Pad 2

Sample pack?

Reverse Cymbal

Dunno, but it's a good

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