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The Sorceror's Tale (gh-tst.xm)

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  • gh-tst.xm is a XM format module. Uncompressed, it is 1.44MB in size and has been downloaded 12807 times since Sun 29th Apr 2001 :D

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  • Mod Archive ID: 43501
  • Downloads: 12807
  • Favourited: 7 times
  • MD5: bcd441352094a45e13de8bf09c931ac3
  • Format: XM
  • Channels: 28
  • Uncompressed Size: 1.44MB
  • Genre: Classical

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  • Member Rating: rating (8 / 10)
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member Posted by theEmu on Wed 24th Oct 2012, rated 7 / 10.

very impressive composition and use of samples:)

member Posted by Impaler on Mon 22nd Oct 2012, rated 9 / 10.

Extremly good Fantasy Track !!!

member Posted by BtMe on Thu 4th Jun 2009, rated 9 / 10.

Such a lovely Classical piece of music another one of my favs at TMA very well thought out and tracked,

member Posted by Arne Puszelski on Wed 3rd Jun 2009, rated 10 / 10.

Beautiful and melodic! Very good song writing and great samples were used in here! Everything in this track is well done, outstanding!

member Posted by TMA Placeholder Account on Mon 9th Jul 2001, rated 9 / 10.

Another great song by Kevin, using his skills at his best to make one more epical-filled song, doing great in both of my ears:) Starts off with this hall-reverbed piano; melodies couldn't been made by newcomers. Drums are done with feelings, and with majestic strings, flutes and basslines, also good effects makes this tune one of the best resoluted tracks in this fantasy genre. Loads of ideas are put up here like a spin in the air. As I noticed on The Epic, also this tune could have maintained some of the ambience at the very end, but this is really.. REALLY minor flaws that should'nt damage too much of ones opinion. Composed and tracked in quality! Again, the technic are exiting and real nice. Samples are 'filterly' choosed; what I liked most in the song was the break at approx. 4 min, with this great fiddle-sample(?). Some of the samples should have been more powerful, I missed the real sub kind of feeling, but STILL a great song to listen to! You impress me, Kevin, your songs are clearly NOT for beginners, as you said by yourself in The Epic:) .. Beautiful!

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Info Internal Texts *

The Sorceror's Tale;
Story of the Lost City

Copyright (C) 2001,
Kevin "Gopher" Chow

"The world we live in
is an illusion, woven
by liars and traitors.
Do not trust them."

Wow, this was a great
track. At the start, I
had written patterns
00-02 and 0A-0C, back
in 9-8-2000, but then
I stopped there. More
recently, I restarted
work on this and what
you have here is the
culmination of those
Usin skills from Epic
and Corsair, and with
impetus from Azo about
I wove around the old
patterns a background
and an epilogue to
this story. One of
the awkward parts was
getting from an AbMin
back to an FMin - I
used a DbMin7 after a
day sitting at the
piano trying to figure
that out :o)

-Optimum Listening-
A few people I chatted
with have said that my
stereo-ing of the
instruments is a bit
exaggerated; Well,
for once this isn't my
fault - listen to it
in FT][ and you'll
hear roughly what I
made. Stereo is so
user-orientated that
what you hear is
what you've set it
up to do. I can't make
this compatible in all
the players out there
w.r.t. stereo. Just
keep the separation
down and use Surround.
A good one to use is
Cubic, or XMPlay, both
with surround on.

Azo (Can I borrow your
Grand Piano? :o)
LittleElk (WTF have
you been?? :)
Cryssalid (You did ask
so here you are :o)
Eterman (Wanderer's
Tale rocks!)
Savage, Zepsi, PM and
PM, Komsip, Warhawk,
A98, Renx, Mikey,
DreamSection, SLH,
and Starchat and
(Mikey = Satan)
The "Pipe" :o)

Violin C5

Bass Bounce
High String Ensemble
Bass String Ensemble
Plucked Harp

4 Horns
Pizzicato Strings
Sky Piano

Hall Tom
Clean Hihat
Bass Percussion (Kick)
HALL Snare
Ride Cymbal
Alesis DM5
Alesis HR-16
Orchestral Hit
Tubular Bells
Deep Bass Hit

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