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klisje paa klisje (KLISJE.MOD)

Info Summary

  • KLISJE.MOD is a MOD format module. Uncompressed, it is 219.03KB in size and has been downloaded 26502 times since Wed 1st Jan 1997 :D

Info Info

  • Mod Archive ID: 47057
  • Downloads: 26502
  • Favourited: 32 times
  • MD5: e998012c700eb43af0321711305829b2
  • Format: MOD
  • Channels: 4
  • Uncompressed Size: 219.03KB
  • Genre: Country

License License

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  • Member Rating: rating (7 / 10)
  • Reviewer Rating: rating (Unrated)

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Comments Your Comments

member Posted by Flashira on Mon 18th Jul 2022, rated 3 / 10.

this is too boring, incoherent and overrated. i especially hate the part at 3:26.

sorry, but not everyone likes what everyone seems to like.

member Posted by Ruud on Tue 17th Mar 2020, rated 2 / 10.


Currently I am writing my own MOD player (ruudsmodplayer on github). I am testing various module files from modarchive, of which KLISJE.MOD is one.
Someone has malformed this file, there are two positions in the file where the speed will switch to a much to low setting. You'll notice this clearly, but you can also compare it to a video on youtube:
Klisje by Walkman.

To be exact: at fileoffset $883B the file on the archive contains $20, which should be $1F.
The second fault sits in offset $F42F: it contains $30, which should also be $1F.

The first error is on song position 31, when switching to 32. The second error is on song position 82, switching to pos 83. These are 'Set Speed' commands being messed up, and it must have been done on purpose (maybe for song or player debugging purposes).

I can upload a patched version (don't know how) if that would be handy. Or maybe someone else can fix this?

Anyway, I wanted to let you know since it's a shame when you actually like to listen to this song ;-)



PS I just noticed that warhawk also noticed this fault in 1999.. see below.

member Posted by speedsterharry on Tue 19th Mar 2019, rated 10 / 10.

To my knowledge, this track is the first one to be multipart, and set the bar for many musicians afterwards. The transitions are great, all the parts are great, it's a fantastic composition from the 90s. Congratulations to Walkman for his awesome work.

member Posted by BtMe on Sat 16th Jul 2011, rated 9 / 10.

One of the TMA's classic list should be in every ones top ten just the way this track flows from one section to another and still keep your intrest for the 13 mins is a master piece as every one has said below this is a must i learned a lot from this tune in how it was put together

member Posted by White on Fri 15th Jul 2011, rated 10 / 10.

I remember when I heard this more than 15 years ago.....One of the best mod tracks I have heard, the mix of instruments is just sublime and the odd mix of piano and an electric guitar sounds just awesome....

member Posted by Brother Regret on Fri 21st Jan 2011, rated 10 / 10.

Klisje paa Klisje was the epitome of Amiga modules and was a magnus opus aspired to by so many composers of the time. It lives on in my brain as the ultimate sample of .MOD music. It plays much better in VLC than the Java player.

member Posted by WandererOfDeis on Sat 4th Dec 2010, rated 9 / 10.

One of the tracks on the first pc I possessed. The wholeness is undoubtedly worth at least a 9. With real sounding instruments a 10 would surely be considered. The other mod by the artist I rated before felt a bit unfinished, it caused a score not near the overall skill of the musician along with the other slight setbacks. This one is another fine example of the memorable trackersound.

member Posted by warhawk on Wed 21st Jul 1999, rated 9 / 10.

Some nice strings for a start. After some seconds a cool base and drums comes in, sounds very good in my opinion. This song has a sense of harmony in it, very very calm and very well done to in only 4 channels. I can think to myself "A wanderer walking the world looking for new challenges and new things to do. He always finds new adventures. At the moment everything is fine and he´s working on a bar. At at 3:10 he has a fight with his boss and has to run from the bar. The boss tells him to fuck off. Well out on the street he is very upset. He wants to fight. So he walks the road, on the way to new things to do. He sees lovely things while walking, children playing. He remembers he´s childhood, how great everything could be if he just would have stayed at home, instead of running away looking for adventures. He find a sign (at 5:46), a bar is looking for a worker. He steps in through the door, the man in charge welcomes him and he gets a job directly. Everything is fine again. He is working and making good money. Then a bad guy comes in through the door. He says he wants all the money, if not he will kill everyone. The wanderer jumps on the bad guy and they start to fight. The bad guy pushes the wanderer away and runs out of the bar. The wanderer follows. It is a long hard hard chase. But then, he falls, and gets hurt (at 9:00). The bad guy is now out of sight and he is laying there on the road, bleeding. He knows everything is about to stop, he thinks on the life he have lived again. These many things he regret he had done, and did not do. He lays there and knows nobody will find him. The rain starts to pour down and he´s heart slowly stops beating, it is over." This song is realy superb, samples are well chosen, i LOVE this song. It is a miracle that this artist could make this song in only 4 patterns. I admire him. This song leaned almost to 10 points, but instead i give it 9.5 (some bugs, few bad parts). But remember, it is a strong 9.5 im giving it. This is a miracle, i have never seen anything like this in mod format before. It is 13:21 long and i must say i enjoyed (almost) every second of it. It was a little bit repentative, which was sad. If it wasnt for that i might give it a 10 (i dont give out many 10s). NOTE: Ft2 & Winamp screws this songs speed, it sets the bpm to 32 and does never change it, then it becomes about 30 minutes long. It works fine in modplug though.

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