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"Point of Departure" (pod.s3m)

Info Summary

  • pod.s3m is a S3M format module. Uncompressed, it is 432.75KB in size and has been downloaded 64549 times since Wed 1st Jan 1997 :D

Info Info

  • Mod Archive ID: 55696
  • Downloads: 64549
  • Favourited: 137 times
  • MD5: 437efc7f1acbaf67102b2753e1aafa62
  • Format: S3M
  • Channels: 16
  • Uncompressed Size: 432.75KB
  • Genre: Electronic - Ambient

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  • Member Rating: rating (9 / 10)
  • Reviewer Rating: rating (Unrated)

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member Posted by cs127 on Fri 22nd Dec 2023, rated 10 / 10.

truly one of the best modules of all time. necros did an amazing job!

member Posted by Coltvay on Tue 2nd May 2023, rated 10 / 10.

this is my favorite module of all time, i've listened to this countless of times and it's just awesome, everything about it is perfect.

member Posted by WoT on Fri 15th Oct 2021, rated 10 / 10.

I like this track very much! It's so relaxed and very well arranged. Starting with these wavelike strings and moving in the theme. Very nice!

member Posted by auxie on Sat 17th Jul 2021, rated 10 / 10.

An absolute classic! One of the greats back in the day. Used to listen to this with my best mate back in '95. Was a big inspiration for tracking. Necros really knew his stuff and still does amazing music.

member Posted by Otem1999 on Mon 4th Jan 2021, rated 10 / 10.

im glad i use openmpt to open tracker files!

member Posted by makaronoteras on Thu 5th Sep 2019, rated 10 / 10.

point of departure is a pure 10. nothing less. had it in a floppy. found it again here

member Posted by Atekuro on Mon 27th May 2019, rated 10 / 10.

The original version of Point of Departure is awesome.

member Posted by Janko Weber on Mon 27th Mar 2017, rated 8 / 10.

This is an older tune with not realy high quality sound. However, I like it.




member Posted by NoSuck on Thu 29th Sep 2016, rated 8 / 10.

I learned how to track by reading the Zen of Tracking, which has since vanished from the face of the internet. "Point of Departure" was mentioned as a gold standard. It more or less lives up to its name.

member Posted by Neo Falcon on Mon 7th May 2012, rated 10 / 10.

This is an amazing track! Of course, it's Necros, and I didn't know until now. This would've worked well in Unreal Tournament (well, it's in a mod). It gives me nostalgic feelings (probably because it was written in 1995). This is just perfect.

member Posted by goodyntox on Sun 21st Aug 2011, rated 8 / 10.

Very good track, with all this Cure-Like atmosphere going on.

member Posted by msk on Wed 27th Jul 2011, rated 9 / 10.

I remember when I first time listened this track on my first PC ( 1995 ). The intro pads are awesome and makes me cry :-)

member Posted by Unstruct on Mon 20th Jun 2011, rated 10 / 10.

I've probably listened to this track 1000+ times, not kidding. I've used it as an alarm track in my stereo also. Samples are a bit bad, but this is absolutely the only negative thing, the rest is virtually flawless. No repetitiveness, excellent usage of panning and other effects.

member Posted by raveolution on Sat 10th Jul 2010, rated 10 / 10.

I remember when I first downloaded this years and years ago, it's a number by a guy named Necros aka Andrew Sega. This is the OLD SKOOL of trax... some of you guys weren't even born when these primordial hits were rocking the scene. You owe it to yourself to get ANYTHING by Necros or Basehead or their Five Musicians group... this stuff is an object lesson in advanced music composition. Nothing made today even comes close to this quality.

member Posted by Sergeisergeievich on Wed 23rd Jun 2010, rated 10 / 10.

Yes, for me too! One of not just favorite modules, but *pieces of music of all time*!

member Posted by 8bitbubsy on Sun 21st Feb 2010, rated 10 / 10.

One of my favorite modules of all time. I always get a good feeling when I listen to this tune. Nice chords, good panning, excellent percussion, excellent everything!

member Posted by BtMe on Tue 20th Jan 2009, rated 9 / 10.

Still one of my fav's from necros.still has that nice feeling about it :)

member Posted by babydee on Sun 18th Jan 2009, rated 9 / 10.

Remembered this was once of the many tunes I collected back in the early days of the internet.

Years later the song went around in my head but I couldn't remember the artist of name, all I could remember was something about trains in the sample text.

Many years later I tried mod archive and found it again, my ears and brain wept with joy when they were exposed to this awesome song once again. Thanks Necros!

member Posted by SoDa7 on Sat 9th Jun 2007, rated 10 / 10.

This one was my "Point of Departure": was my very first module i ever listened! I love this tune a lot!
And thanks for this module, i've started to compose music, when i'm 13!

member Posted by Saga Musix on Sat 17th Feb 2007, rated 9 / 10.

Wow, this an amazing Track - nice drums, nice leads, nice chords - everything is nice :> The musicdisk this tune was used in is also very interesting! If you collect them, look for it :)

member Posted by TMA Placeholder Account on Sun 11th Jul 1999, rated 10 / 10.

Beautiful. In one word. So spacey, a track that makes you feel good inside. A lot of echoeed panned synths and a beautiful string melody which sounds really trippy. It's like a ride in a train, or driving at 200 mh at the highway. The breakbeats sound nice. Th could be a bit firmer, but that's the only little remark what I can make up for this classic. Must download. It's a technical piece of art for an screamtracker 3 mod. Necros picked out just the right samples and put them all right in place. The samples are heavily effected just with tracker commands, no special effect samples are used, and the way Necros has done this is something you see in a very little mods. Also a good song as example for making the better tracked modules. It 'll keep you busy for a while.

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Info Internal Texts *

   "Point of Departure"

 written for the musicdisk


 (FM / Legend Design / iCE)

 Finished in about 15 or
 so hours, this song came
 to me while watching this
 strange show about bullet
 trains, and somehow the
 thought of movement with-
 out sound inspired me to
 write this. (I also wanted
 to try to make sure I
 could still sequence a
 decent drum track :>)

  (C) 1995 Necros / FM

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