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September Curtain (septembc.xm)

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  • septembc.xm is a XM format module. Uncompressed, it is 2.45MB in size and has been downloaded 16193 times since Fri 20th Dec 2002 :D

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  • Mod Archive ID: 56415
  • Downloads: 16193
  • Favourited: 10 times
  • MD5: e430c89a143f5696341f0b0266c13fc5
  • Format: XM
  • Channels: 32
  • Uncompressed Size: 2.45MB
  • Genre: Alternative

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  • Member Rating: rating (8 / 10)
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comments Artist's Comments

artist Try to listen it when you are not distracted to some other thing...
It might change the experience a lot. I'm not doing this music
to produce only sound quality forgetting the song quality that
is more important in music. What's wrong with doing it that way?
And wouldn't it make my songs exchange related interfering the importance
of music if I worked the songs to the last point? One more thing,
what makes you think it tries to take the center stage?
And if the song structure feels odd, you should listen more
classical music for example. Classical composers often use structures
and techniques that differ from the ones used in popular music... By the way, there'd be one copy of this song on the radius of about 62 kilometers on land in 2010 if the population had been located staticly there. And if there have not happened certain amount of loadings by search engine bots. The number shaped mainly during the first years it was available. Especially note; does it automatically mean that I hate if I say I don't like? For example, aren't to like and to like very much two different things?
And an ease for those who try to figure what is the lack on this song by me: The totality is always about to become unbalanced when intense drumming appear with a fast melody-line. Therefore the error might appear as an imagined 'setback' in one's conscious, that is to turn into a mistake of a kind. Consider the influences coming from elsewhere an equal of wearing a fan shirt or other actions like that... Sorry about the outbursting heaviness, maybe it's the lesser inconvenience in the end. The softer way might be like hitting brake carelessly when sudden stop is just a matter of an instant. There might be an edit of this song with more rapid drum track to come, back when uploading this mix I wasn't in the mental condition for a chipmunk music... At least during the hectic keyboard melodies on the first half of the song it would be a nice choice to add a consistent drumming. Hopefully the outcome that I was in charge with wasn't mixed with some other influencing! The synth effects on this one are in a way, partly, work of a fellow artist who introduced me to the world of trackering, recreating same kind of techniques. The person may not ask for any credit of the influences that might not be heard on this track if hadn't brought the activity to a reach, as being such a modest pal... Maybe some will be heard also about him one day! - WandererOfDeis

Comments Your Comments

member Posted by McFlisk on Sun 22nd Aug 2010, rated 9 / 10.

This song deserves a better rating than 7 or 8. The composition is fantastic. The intro builds up to a great use of power chords, supported by drums and taken over by some awesome solo guitar play. Even though the following breakdown could have been better, once the pace is being picked up again it's pure enjoyment. The breakdown after is a bit too long, yet enjoyable, leading up to the outro.

This song is an almost perfect example of how an epic metal composition should be. Tempo variations, crushing power chords, ridiculous soloing, loud drums and string backgrounds to die for.. the tracking itself is technically excellent as well. The only reason that I'm rating this 9 instead of 10 is because I like "the light and nothing" even better!

member Posted by Arne Puszelski on Tue 9th Feb 2010, rated 8 / 10.

Very interesting metal track. I like the song building and the very good melody. All in all it´s a metal track with many parts that fits. Very good work! Almost 9!

member Posted by Pip Malt on Mon 6th Oct 2008, rated 7 / 10.

Hmm. For the most part, the guitar is really nice as a background to the cool leads, but when it tries to take center stage, like at 1:47, it falls flat on its back. The acoustic guitar sound a bit like a piano, but it works well with the song. The background strings and whatnot are done very well. Almost an 8...

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Info Internal Texts *

<"September Curtain">

      a song of autumn
    and winter.
 about 7:05
I need money 'cause
 I'm doing business...
a once in a lifetime
chance to become
rich and receive your
airway ticket to
the edge of a cloud

listen WITH Fast
           Tracker II
(guitars aren't  most
likely played right


   guit slide
        palm mute
palm 2
kauhujen viulu
mystinen kuoro
kauhujen kuoro
bass vox
orch hit
pata rumpu
Mass Orchestra.Brass&K
mystinen pan huilu
torvi osasto
       Zed-Lef flute

 pick slide

this song will be
continued after
spring, (the only
season I don't like!)

few words about
the business:
it's mainly based on
sharing insurances
and the profit goes
to the "funds of
gardening industries"-
Main purpose is to att
ract  local Hex index-
veterans to stand up
and have their gap
in conversation used,
to have what they shou
ld have.
If you want more info
rmation, following
sites are recommended
www.mankeli.fi(or com)




Still there?
What are you waiting
for, christmas?

Go outside, snow and
one thousand possible
things are there,
 not with a car.

Dist.wav rig g3




my own, some samples
various artists.

         M¡G's compotu



-+ HolyGhost +-



DMP has unpredictable
Calgary, AB, CAN
Mass Orchestra.Brass&K
Mtn spt

-+ HolyGhost +-

FastTracker2.08 !!!!

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