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UnreaL ][ / PM (2ND_PM.S3M)

Info Summary

  • 2ND_PM.S3M is a S3M format module. Uncompressed, it is 586.77KB in size and has been downloaded 311775 times since Sun 24th Dec 2000 :D

Info Info

  • Mod Archive ID: 60395
  • Downloads: 311775
  • Favourited: 366 times
  • MD5: 8a19a2cebf0e7ae3dcae38a6633bebb6
  • Format: S3M
  • Channels: 8
  • Uncompressed Size: 586.77KB
  • Genre: Electronic - Techno

License License

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Rating Ratings

  • Member Rating: rating (9 / 10)
  • Reviewer Rating: rating (8)

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Comments Your Comments

member Posted by TadeusTaD on Thu 30th May 2024, rated 9 / 10.

Legendary tune, enough said.
Even though it isn't my top one from the Purple Motion's works...

member Posted by RedStealth on Tue 9th Jan 2024, rated 10 / 10.

It's been said before, but this is one of *the* defining songs of tracker music. It's just an amazing techno song in general, taking you on a sort of journey not unlike long form progressive rock bands back in the day.

member Posted by rapture__ on Wed 26th Apr 2023, rated 10 / 10.

i didnt even know you could make music on a tracker this is so insane. i thought it was for playing with voices. never even occurred to me to make a song #mindblown

member Posted by meriamelie on Fri 6th Jan 2023, rated 10 / 10.

it is unexplainable on how great this module is. the way the song was composed is amazing, listening to this module honestly can never get old.

member Posted by Roocky on Sun 25th Sep 2022, rated 10 / 10.

Great track, so funk!

member Posted by 4UD10PH4G3 on Sun 4th Sep 2022, rated 10 / 10.

The greatest tracker song ever made. Hail to the mighty Purple Motion.

member Posted by EatYourSheep on Sun 10th Apr 2022, rated 10 / 10.

Absolute classic! Love the demo, especially.

member Posted by cs127 on Wed 8th Dec 2021, rated 10 / 10.

I am not an atomic playboy!

member Posted by Tachy Bunker on Mon 15th Nov 2021, rated 10 / 10.

This one is just legendary.

member Posted by WoT on Fri 15th Oct 2021, rated 10 / 10.

This track is epic and simply legendary! I heard it back at the end of the 1990ies and still enjoy listening to this track.

"I'm not an atomic playboy..."

member Posted by Mark Jeghers on Thu 22nd Apr 2021, rated 9 / 10.

Still a favorite after so may years

member Posted by D322MW on Sun 15th Nov 2020, rated 9 / 10.

This is just to good! I watched how purple motion made this song on the internet on scream tracker! I don't know how long it took him, but man that's some fabulous work! My favorite part is the vocal part of the song. It just made it most interesting to the track itself. T R A N S M I S S I O N

member Posted by WeInTheUSA on Wed 26th Aug 2020, rated 10 / 10.

Absolutely amazing, even after all of these years.

member Posted by Songerson on Fri 3rd Apr 2020, rated 10 / 10.

I am definitely not the first and not the last who leaves a comment on this module. Maybe I will surprise someone, but this is not the best sounding .s3m module I have ever heard on this site. But given the fact that this module, at the time I am writing this comment, has been favourited 215 times and downloaded 262792 times (wow, #2 most downloaded module now has only 133003 downloads – almost 2 times less), it becomes absolutely clear that here we face a platinum classic of the whole world of tracked music, an ultimate masterpiece for its time, a must-have for everybody who collects tracker modules, a must-listen for everyone who likes that kind of music. It also works good together with its origin – the "Second Reality" demo, but without the demo this module is still great. For me, there is nothing more memorable in this demo than outstanding Purple Motion's music. My personal respect goes to Purple Motion for making a gem that is still recognizable after almost 27 years.

member Posted by Shere Khan on Thu 10th Oct 2019, rated 10 / 10.

This s3m is the best part of a groundbreaking demo, and can still wow people more than 25 years later. Get down!

member Posted by FedoraIT on Tue 25th Jun 2019, rated 10 / 10.

You can't be serious... This is MADNESS! Ok, enough old Sparta meme references aside, this is the best track so far I've heard from a music tracker. If you have never heard this, GO LISTEN TO THIS ASAP. This is a worthy 10 I'm putting on here.

member Posted by DonPedro69 on Wed 15th May 2019, rated 10 / 10.

It was over 25 years ago and I could not stop to watch this demo/intro. Music heard on Gravis Ultrasound was fantastic. Basically this module brought me here - I wanted to rip it from file but then thought: maybe I'll find it somewhere in the web and I am here. Who never saw this demo, link in bottom. Believe me that 25 years ago this music and this graphic was ona PC compatible computer simply breathtaking.
We had DX386 processors and 4MB RAM!


member Posted by speedsterharry on Tue 19th Mar 2019, rated 10 / 10.

It's not a soundtrack, it's a movie ! I discovered this track out of context (without the demo) and was immediately impressed by the musicality, the technique, the talent put simply. A must have !

member Posted by tzukidoji on Wed 23rd Jan 2019, rated 9 / 10.

A classic one. It's amazing how they made it in just five hundred MB. Also look how many commands were used. Though the tune itself is not that catchy the amount of work applied to this mod is great.

member Posted by reaxion on Thu 25th Oct 2018, rated 10 / 10.

Complete shivers down my spine with the demo playing back over my eyeballs... Man, seeing the demo back in the day blew my mind. This just brought it all back!

member Posted by inactivee on Mon 2nd Apr 2018, rated 10 / 10.

A true classic masterpiece. Goes better with the actual Second Reality demo though!

member Posted by ... on Tue 13th Feb 2018, rated 10 / 10.

This song makes the demo appear when eyes are closed. Talent must be recognised.

member Posted by namekuseijin on Mon 14th Sep 2015, rated 10 / 10.

A genre-defining mod. Very original and unlike the kind of trash being rated 10 nowadays.

member Posted by 00 on Mon 29th Jun 2015, rated 10 / 10.

For sure one of the greatest piece of art I ever experienced.
Always gives me shivers during the scroller displayed after Ulik,
and after the "ten seconds to transmission" sample. A masterpiece.

member Posted by eXOdus on Thu 15th May 2014, rated 10 / 10.

One of the best modules of all time, and also one of my favorite modules. Purple Motion pushed ST3 to it's limits with this tune...he takes 8-bit samples and turns them into digital magic!!!

Help make this tune the most downloaded module!!!! :-)

member Posted by -deleted- on Wed 16th Apr 2014, rated 10 / 10.

One of the best songs ever. Purple Motion really has talent!

member Posted by Robyn on Sat 15th Mar 2014, rated 8 / 10.

This is awesome, but I think it only really goes well with the demo itself. The impressive visuals and stuff. Defo a classic eitherway. :)

member Posted by DJ Sylv3on on Tue 3rd Dec 2013, rated 10 / 10.

I agree with Burd and the countless others on the archive when they say that for this tune to be almost 20 or more years old is a legendary feat. I mean for it to still be the #1 Most Revered tune still to this date with almost 100,000 downloads is a feat to be darned proud of. Great work and I love this tune, this is why this scene is still growing in a positive way.

member Posted by Pixel Grinch on Wed 10th Jul 2013, rated 10 / 10.

You got to be shittin' me!
I was in the scene back then, what a classic!
Definitely legend material!

member Posted by celticpunk on Sat 23rd Mar 2013, rated 10 / 10.

This song brings back memories.

For a long time, I played music on my PC, an old 80286 system, with a sound card I made myself out of simple logic and a resistor network. It was 8 bits at first then 16. I used a mod player that could use a "resistor card" to play music.

Then I got a Gravis Ultrasound, and wow... I was amazed.

member Posted by Tricky on Thu 29th Nov 2012, rated 9 / 10.

I said in my profile that when you force me to name an artist as my favorite that Purple Motion would be the first to come to mind, and if you wanna know why, listen to this track. I know this baby from the "2nd Reality" demo by Future Crew (of which PM was a member) and especially with the great coding and gfx work of that demo this song completely kicks ass. Great to find it here as I lost the S3M file and I couldn't rip it from the demo itself (which works perfectly in DosBox btw).

member Posted by Solaris on Fri 8th Jun 2012, rated 10 / 10.

Its a classic!

member Posted by Nebula01 on Sun 6th May 2012, rated 7 / 10.

I have heard this song a lot. Though a bit repetitive it is a good song.

member Posted by CommanderKeen on Thu 15th Mar 2012, rated 10 / 10.

This is not a great track just out of nostalgic reasons, even almost twenty years after it was composed it still feel fresh and exciting. Purple Motion's gift for composing was already clear in abundance in this track.

member Posted by JonaX on Wed 29th Feb 2012, rated 10 / 10.

Simply GR8!!! I'm totally new here. I'm from Cuba where few people listen to this kind of music. This song is what I was looking for... I'll download more from this artist. This website totally rocks!

member Posted by parodygm on Sat 14th Jan 2012, rated 10 / 10.

Absolutely one of the best of the best. When revisiting my mod collection (now nearly 20 years after I first encountered the scene), it's still the first one I think of. A special mention goes to the outro of the song - it's wonderfully dark and mysterious. Fantastic work.

member Posted by Burd on Mon 11th Jul 2011, rated 10 / 10.

This is nearly 20 years old, but still seems to be the best mod track out there. That is a great feat.

member Posted by aiko81 on Sat 9th Jul 2011, rated 10 / 10.

"I am not an atomic playboy" - Another classic tune from the demoscene. Legendary.

member Posted by TemeP on Mon 18th Apr 2011, rated 10 / 10.

Great Music! I really like it!

member Posted by Techno Jon on Sat 8th Jan 2011, rated 10 / 10.

This is an absolute epic win. I'm not sure if any of my tunes will ever even rival the quality of this one.

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-deleted- reviewed this module with an overall score of 8 / 10
Posted on Thu 28th Aug 2014

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By Purple Motion of
Future Crew 1993
Big thanx to Skaven / FC

Greeting : ----->


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