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In The Name Of Revenge (in_the_name_of_revenge.s3m)

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  • in_the_name_of_revenge.s3m is a S3M format module. Uncompressed, it is 223.82KB in size and has been downloaded 108 times since Mon 13th Sep 2004 :D

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  • Mod Archive ID: 69752
  • Downloads: 108
  • Favourited: 0 times
  • MD5: 25591fda14118973bc20115e70bf4954
  • Format: S3M
  • Channels: 11
  • Uncompressed Size: 223.82KB
  • Genre: n/a

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Info Internal Texts *

C Minor     - Beyond Music
F Minor     - Beyond Music
A Minor     - Beyond Music
C Major     - Beyond (etc)
C Major 5th - Beyond...
G# Major    - Bey... *yawn*
F Major     - *zzzzz* ;)
Twangy bass - ??? Dunno...
Shaker      - Insideout
Short shake - Insideout
Bass Drum   - Insideout
Snare drum  - Bl■■dyw_nker
SnapFingers - MandelForce
Chip sample - MINE. (Gosh.)
ElecGuitar  - Dust To Dust
Techno blip - NonSense
Crash Cymbal- ForgottenPast
Tomtom Snare- MandelForce
╥   ─╥╥    ╓╖╖        ╓─╖╓╖
║╥╖  ║╟╖╓╖ ║║║╓╖╥╥╖╓╖ ║ ║╟
║║║  ║║║╟╜ ║║║╓╢║║║╟╜ ║ ║║
╨╜╜  ╨╜╜╙╜ ╙╙╜╙╜╜ ╜╙╜ ╙─╜╙
░▒╓─╖╓─╖╓  ╖╓─╖╓╖ ╖╓─╖╓─╖█▓
░▒║ ║║  ║  ║║  ║║ ║║ ╜║  █▓
▒▓╟╥╜╟─ ╙╖╓╜╟─ ║╙╖║║╓╖╟─ ▓▒
▒▓║╙╖║   ║║ ║  ║ ║║║ ║║  ▓▒
▓█╨ ╜╙─╜ ╙╜ ╙─╜╙ ╙╜╙─╜╙─╜▒░
▓█▓▒by Liam the lemming█▓▒░
moz[IC]art|Bass Productions
───Surprise! Productions───
That's gotta be the biggest
silliest ASCII I've done so
far for my song titles...:)

As I write this, I've come
upon good news - moz[IC]art
have an Internet site! Yes,
the Shoebox Universe is now
linked to the 'net! =)

Which means ReeBoK doesn't
have to worry about me not
having a PINE mail facility
at my end - I can just
upload all my work to the
site! And it's faster than
e-mail! :)

You can now download all of
moz[IC]art's work from
eleet.iddc.via.at. It's in
the dir /pub/mozICart.

I'd better put a link to
that in my web page... uh?
What's that? Oh, you wanna
know where to find it...

index.htm (The server is
DOS based, I think, or at
least the HTML editor is,
that's why it's .htm rather
than .html... still the
same thing though.)

At the same directory, you
should find mods.htm (my
mods page, of course) and
personal.htm (for the more
inquisitive of you who want
to find out more about me).

Greets now! *user groans
audibly* :)

Greets to all the members
of moz[IC]art, S!P and Bass
Productions cos they're my
fellow group members... all
my mates at LJMU for being
my mates, obviously...
Necrös, Trixter, Basehead,
Stalker, PeriSoft, Phoenix,
Leviathan et al (in fact,
_everyone_ from #trax) just
for being there and being
funny (well, usually, at
least)... Trixter, Necrös,
PeriSoft and Leviathan -
yes, again - for the
encouraging e-mail. :)
Catchyuz all in my next
.s3m! :)   ________________
           Liam the lemming

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