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Title: Grynig ost
Filename: hyo-gry.it
Posted Wed 29th Aug 2007
Rated 8 / 10
A very nice, funny module, especially if you're swedish :)

Although this is obviously a joke, the musical quality of this module is very high. Nice melodies and drums, and perfect use of slides and arpeggios. Keep the good work up!

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Title: Magic Bytes. By Awesome VVL
Filename: magic.s3m
Posted Mon 25th Jun 2007
Rated 3 / 10
Starts out good, but continues with an instrument sounding like a badly tuned scottish pipe of some kind. The second part (after the terrible pipes) starts out after a decent breakdown. It is (the second part) much better than the first one, but it is totally different, and does not at all fit with with the first part.

This track consists of patterns randomly glued together, it seems, and that does not render a high rating.

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Title: amphetamine (07:16)
Filename: amphetamine.xm
Posted Sun 24th Jun 2007
Rated 10 / 10
This is the best Keith303 song. Period. There is nothing that can match with this masterpiece. This is a lesson in doing awesome stuff with a tracker. Get it. Now.

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Title: Silent Dreams
Filename: sm-silentdreams.it
Posted Sun 24th Jun 2007
Rated 3 / 10
Repetative, almost boring. The samples are not of very high quality, and the tones are often just cut off. Haven't SM heard of fades?

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Title: untitled
Filename: laptop_dance.it
Posted Sun 24th Jun 2007
Rated 5 / 10
Interesting module, which suffers from... lack of musical knowledge it seems. Brasses go on and on, and the sound isn't particulary good. I am amazed how the artist managed to make this module so extremely HUGE - the samples are all in 16 bit. Imporovement is needed, although this is an interesting piece.

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Title: Abbey Road
Filename: abbey_road.xm
Posted Sat 23rd Jun 2007
Rated 9 / 10
Ah, the old good days when the artist even gave out his mail adress and phone number.

Anyway, this is old, good demostyle stuff by Radix. Wonderful sliding melodies on a solid, easy background. Grooving rhythm and synth bass give this baby a swing which is hard to resist.

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Title: Empty Soul
Filename: empty_soul.it
Posted Mon 18th Jun 2007
Rated 9 / 10
Wow. So simple, yet so great. It gets a 9 from me, fore being a little too repetative, though.

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Title: SolarWars - IntroTune
Filename: tr-solarwar.s3m
Posted Sun 10th Jun 2007
Rated 2 / 10
Filled with disharmonic and unfitting tones put together in patterns, which have nothing to do with each other, this module gets a low rating by me.

The main melody is interesting, but the artist fails in making the whole thing interesting. It seems like he came up with a few melodies, and then just glued them together into a module, which of course did not yield good results.

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Title: colors are black?
Filename: black-720.xm
Posted Thu 7th Jun 2007
Rated 2 / 10
Not a very good tune in my opinion. A simple sine-like wave is used to form a simple 4-pattern melody. The tempo changes (by purpose, of course) in the middle of the patterns, but it doesn't sound very good.

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Title: Pling Plong
Filename: pling_plong.xm
Posted Thu 7th Jun 2007
Rated 1 / 10
Ridiculous! It's just a sample from something, with no effort from this "artist" at all. I bet he didn't even sample it by himself. Humph.

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Title: Back in 1982
Filename: 09chip-1982.mod
Posted Wed 6th Jun 2007
Rated 9 / 10
A fantastic chiptune, really bringing back the old days.

Usual use of effects - ultra fast arpeggios, slides, vibrato and lots and lots of melody. Wonderful, lo-fi percussion and... well, it's just great!

One thing holding it back from getting a 10 is the ending - the tune just... ends. By cutting off all of the intstruments.