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Uploads back online

Thursday 8th May 2014

Updated: Ok, so we had some pretty major problems go undetected for a long time - our file hasher was not hashing properly and as such some modules have been overwritten with incorrect files, this has been fixed now. There are a few missing files but those are currently being  re-added to the archive, some were lost as far back as 2004!

If you spot any anomalies on your artist profiles, please get in touch as I'd like to fix them.  If you find modules on the archive which should belong on a certain profile, we would also like to know because we can add them manually. There are a lot of dormant profiles which we are more than happy to associate modules to, again, get on the forum so we can hash this out.

Pun totally intended.

- m0d

[s]I'm doing some corrective maintenance.
Uploads will be back up sometime tomorrow![/s]

DMF Support Added

Thursday 8th May 2014


Mod Archive now supports DMF format (X-Tracker).

This is experimental at the moment, and may pave the way forward for supporting more "classic" formats in the future.

Playable with XMPlay with this plugin (works in Wine too) or libopenmpt (comes with a cross-platform command line player, and input plugins for XMPlay, Winamp and Foobar2000).

Big thanks go to Saga Musix for helping with updating instrument parser.

Also, there has been some tweaks done to the site, unfortunately there are times when I've screwed something up and broken further down the chain, and I won't notice it for days - so if you spot something that isn't working anymore please get in touch.


The site Terms have been updated

Wednesday 30th April 2014

Site terms/disclaimer has been updated with a notification about cookies. You'll find the new part at the top. Just the top. Basically if you don't like our cookies, you won't get a working website. Complaints to /dev/null. Nothing has actually changed on the site regarding cookies, so it is business as usual.

Latest Additions on Front Page

Wednesday 30th April 2014

Well, its news isn't it?

A few tweaks here and there, and indeed the unzipped downloads seem to be working fine. I've done a few CSS cleanups, but this may lead to unexpected huge fonts, so if you spot any cyan coloured fonts the size of Wales on the page, please let me know.

Site switchover complete

Sunday 27th April 2014

Today we're live with a lot of behind the scenes updates, but also a few tweaks here and there - namely at the moment we are experimenting with:

- a new API path
- Unzipped Modules (!) This is in a testing phase, we may be turning this on and off while testing a few things on the public.
- a lot of visual tweaks
- UTF-8 support, hurrah for Unicode
- PNG support added to profile picture upload
- Download list of all of your favourites (allows you to wget them, basically), Go to your favourites list and scroll to the bottom.
- Screening crew can now rename files in the upload queue.
- There's quite a lot I can't tell you about, too, but tadaa!

If you spot any problems, please report them along with a few steps on how you got the problem to manifest.


(Ha! I have a beer fund, if you want to drop a coin. beer at modarchive.org) :-)

- m0d

P.S There is this news item from 1997:

A new year, a new Mod Archive! You asked for changes and we listened. The biggest changes are:

- All mods are now zipped!
- The interface is now much cleaner (If you have Internet Explorer 3.0 or Netscape 3.0).
- The Mod Archive now runs across multiple servers! www.modarchive.com now stores all html files, logs and data files. This server is a Dell Pentium 166 with a SCSI RAID disk array running BSDI and is on its own T1 line! www.watson.org (the old server) stores all of the zipped mods and handles uploads. This server is a Gateway P133 with many, many disk drives and 96 megs of Ram. It runs FreeBSD and is on a T3 line that it shares with thousands of other computers. www.modarchive.com is instantly updated whenever an upload is made to www.watson.org.

Gosh we are old.