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NEWS! News news.

Tuesday 15th April 2014

In a week or so the site will have some maintenance downtime, not for very long (we're planning on 10 minutes). During this time the site will undergo a UTF transformation, meaning our Scandinavian and German (and whoever else uses Umlauts) can bask in their glory.

Additionally, a quiet renovation is being done and should be ready in time for the switch over.

Additionally additionally, some of our staff will be attending this weekend's Revision Demoparty in Germany. Alpha C, m0d & Saga Musix will be there, so if you happen to be near (you can spot m0d a mile off, its the t-shirt) come and say hello!

2013 Additions Torrent now available

Saturday 8th March 2014

A torrent of all of the additions from 2013 has been generously generated by jantore and seeded ready for your leeching!

2013 Additions Direct Link

Other Torrents

Waveworld and Kiarchive torrents available as regular downloads

Wednesday 5th March 2014

Considering that not everyone might be able to use torrents, I have put the popular Waveworld and Kiarchive downloads on an FTP server. This way, they can be downloaded with a regular FTP program or internet browser. I also took the liberty to remove the unnecessary MP3 conversions from the Waveworld archive, and extracted all the zip files found in sub folders into their own folders - so now you are pretty much ready to go after downloading the archive.

20 years of Impulse Tracker

Sunday 16th February 2014

The end of this year will represent 20 years from when the first line of Impulse Tracker code was written. Jeffrey Lim, the author of one of the most popular DOS trackers of all times, announced an upcoming series of articles about how Impulse Tracker was created in a blog post. Additionally, a promise was made to release the original Impulse Tracker later this year.

Parteh time! The UKs biggest demoscene party is back!

Saturday 3rd August 2013

Snipped from a post by community member Deltafire

Sundown is located in the seaside town of Budleigh Salterton on the south coast of England, in the land of cider, fish & chips, and nudist beaches. It runs Friday to Sunday on the 6th - 8th September, and is the perfect place to spend the last days of summer.

The party hosts a number of competitions, including streaming, tracked, chiptune and exe music. Remote entries are accepted.

For more details please visit the Sundown website:



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