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New license type and channel count

Monday 6th June 2016

Quite a lot of news lately, eh? Creative Commons discourage the usage of the old Public Domain license, hence we have now finally added the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license as an alternative for artists.

Furthermore, module pages now also show the number of channels for each module. This information is also searchable using search filters and through the Mod Archive API.

ModArchive and API now available via HTTPS

Saturday 28th May 2016

The Mod Archive is now available via HTTPS at https://modarchive.org/ - Now your precious login data is transferred securely if you like. ;)
API users may also want to change the API entry point URL to make use HTTPS.

Official ModArchive Twitter account

Wednesday 13th April 2016

The Mod Archive now has an official twitter account. We will spread the usual updates over there, and most importantly there is now an official news channel for the case of our website being down again (though let's hope that this won't happen so quickly again).
Follow @ModArchive_org

2015 Additions Torrent now available

Saturday 19th March 2016

A torrent of all of the additions from 2015 has been generously generated by jantore and seeded ready for your leeching!

2015 Additions Direct Link

Other Torrents

New supported module formats

Sunday 13th December 2015

Today, support for 16 new module formats has been added to ModArchive, more than doubling the number of supported formats. The following formats are now support in addition to the existing support:

AMS (Extreme's Tracker / Velvet Studio)
DBM (Digi Booster Pro)
DIGI (Digi Booster)
FAR (Farandole Composer)
IMF (Imago Orpheus)
J2B (Galaxy Sound System)
MDL (Digitrakker)
MT2 (MadTracker 2)
PLM (Disorder Tracker 2)
PTM (PolyTracker)
ULT (UltraTracker)

Sound engine formats - most modules in these formats already exist in their "original" formats on The Mod Archive:
GDM (BWSB Sound System)
PSM (Epic Megagames MASI)
UMX (Unreal Music - not really a format on its own, but can contain other module formats)

A note on MPTM / MT2 files:
We always strived to be an archive of files that are easily playable by anyone. However, MPTM and MT2 files may make use of VST plugins (and in particular VST instruments), which are only really supported by their original trackers (OpenMPT / MadTracker 2). Furthermore, the absolute majority of VST plugins that can be used with those trackers can only be used on x86 (Intel / AMD) CPUs, as they contain binary code for this platform. It is hence not possible to play such files on a variety of other platforms such as smartphones. In our screening process, MPTM and MT2 files will be previewed in XMPlay (using the appropriate plugins), without any VST plugin support. If the files sound broken without the required plugins, we reserve the right to reject them like any broken module.

Support for all these new formats is currently in beta stage and things may break. Please report here if you are having trouble uploading a particular file.

Other updates
We have also generally improved our uploading process a bit by hashing the pattern contents of every uploaded module. This way, it will be easier in the future to detect duplicated modules in the archive. It will also be much easier to spot lame rippers this way. ;)
As a side effect, MP3 files disguised as .MOD files will also no longer be able to sneak into the archive. ;)

Modules made with old MS-DOS trackers sometimes contained "ANSI art" drawings using box drawing characters; All module texts have been re-parsed to display such characters properly.

Enjoy the updates, and happy tracking!