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Demoparties, Events & Compos / Re: The $35 2009 SoOn Compo
« on: November 09, 2009, 19:16:26 »
First place is Saba Storm by Ozan Yarman

Second place is Freaks we are by dj Alces

Third place is Behind The Sun by solo

All data including the actual email votes for the contest can be found here:

There were a large number of irregular and duplicate votes - all involving Saba Storm.
However removal of these votes did not change the 1st place position.

The next time I do a contest... IF I do one again, a solution for this will be found.
In the end all votes that followed the requested format needed to be honored.

I will contact the winners for distribution of the prize money.


Demoparties, Events & Compos / Re: The $35 2009 SoOn Compo
« on: November 08, 2009, 16:52:34 »

The votes have been counted and double checked. And so we come to the final results. I propose before the money is paid out to wait one week, in that week people can put in their protest if I still missed a few errors in double checking the votes. Of course, the votes as they stand in my database file cannot be changed anymore, I only take on protest if I made a miscalculation or missed a vote for somebody in my file.

With that said the standing is as follows:


With 33 points, the $20 is for:

#19 Behind the sun, by Solo

With 31 points the $10 is for:

#17 Saba Storm, by Ozman Yarman

With 24 points the $5 is for:

#14 Nahkranoth-INT-1d10, by Nahkranoth

With that the money has been decided, but of course, we may never forget the other contestants

4th place: 14 points
#05 Erm Bubbles, by Screaming Egg Notion

5th place: 12 points
#09 Inside Xerxes, by Ceekayed

6th place: 10 points
#03 The Crazy Jazzbox of Funk, by Jikoo

7th place: 8 points (won tie-break by being first one to get 5 points)
#15 Loops of Lawn, by Daniel Jackson

8th place: 8 points
#02 Somewhere in 3009, by Louigi Verona

9th place: 6 points (won tie-break by getting 5 points most)
#04 Used all of the $35, by Eat Me

10th place: 6 points
#18 Step on it, by Din

11th place: 5 points
#08 Yume, by Phaze Zero

12th place: 4 points
#10 Freaks we are, by DJ Alces

13th place: 3 points
#11 A la source by Paul Legovitch

14th place: 2 points
#12 Dark Magic Mind, by Black Tiger

15th place: 1 point
#16 Hexentanz by IV65536

And then there are 4 entries who didn't get any points at all.
I still want them to have a warm applause, as even though they didn't get any votes, they took the trouble to participate with good entries, so they too deserve the honor.

#01 7-klapper, by: Jonas the Plugexpert
#07 I'll be there soon, by Likuid (TiS)
#06 Breaking the Broken, by Zan (TiS)
#13 Hot Sim Module by DJ Kujata (TiS)

I'll soon post a screenshot of my database, so you can see if I counted all votes correctly

Thanks to everyone who entered this compo, and to all who voted.
Too bad 4 votes have been rejected due to an invalid format and 14 because of fraud. That's too bad, but still we got a clear ranking.

If you see your own vote missing in my database, then it means the vote never reached me (or that is was removed/rejected in the reason stated above), and can not be counted. As said the votes as I have them are final, I only accept protest for counting/calculation errors.

Thank you

Jeroen Broks a.k.a. Tricky

Demoparties, Events & Compos / Re: The $35 2009 SoOn Compo
« on: November 08, 2009, 01:19:22 »
Voting is now officially closed.

The votes will be tallied and the winners announced.

Please be patient.

And SoOn artists thank everyone, contestants and voters, for participating in this event. We hope you enjoyed it.


Demoparties, Events & Compos / Re: The $35 2009 SoOn Compo
« on: November 07, 2009, 15:38:49 »
9 hours left to vote!

I'm not sure Tricky will be around for the closing. BUT I will shut off the email address.

The votes will NOT be announced immediately. There needs to be a little time to make sure the votes are counted properly.



Demoparties, Events & Compos / Re: The $35 2009 SoOn Compo
« on: November 02, 2009, 03:01:54 »
A contestant , Phaze, made an online player for all of the entries. It randomizes on load.

It has all the usual controls - have at it. 


Demoparties, Events & Compos / Re: The $35 2009 SoOn Compo
« on: November 01, 2009, 01:04:50 »
Voting is open from 2009 November 1st 00:00:00 GMT to 2009 November 7th 11:59:59

All songs can be individually downloaded from

or..... as a 155 meg zip file

I decided it was only fair to include all songs in the vote pack and that meant hosting some songs the composers didn't want individually hosted by me. I will provide statistics and I will remove the songs once voting is over.

I apologize in advance. If you want to remove yourself from the compo because of this I will.



Demoparties, Events & Compos / Re: The $35 2009 SoOn Compo
« on: October 31, 2009, 23:40:19 »
19th and looking to be final entry unless someone sneaks one in...

#19 is by solo and is called Behind The Sun (SoOn 2009 Compo)



Artist's description:
Space ambient in the tradition of Boards of Canada.

Chris V aka Clones with his hauntingly beautiful feedback leads in A minor.

Ben V - Field Recording From Europe

Apollo 15 Commander Dave Scott demonstrating that the mass of an object does not affect the time it takes to fall, using a hammer and a feather on the Moon.

Demoparties, Events & Compos / Re: The $35 2009 SoOn Compo
« on: October 31, 2009, 01:14:26 »
The 18th entry is by Din and is called "Step On It (SoOn 2009 Compo)"

5:40 in length, 7.8 megabytes

Artist's description:
My first release is 5 months :( , hopefully what ends up being the key-log in loosening my creative block.

This is a bit of an experiment in blending flavors, so I have no idea what genre to stick it in. Any suggestions?

SoOn samples used:
- contest-in-a-minor
- Funky_Slap_Base_with_drum_Stick_Ouch__
- low
- mindrones_2
- Nonsense
- x



Midnight Nov 1st is the deadline - Nov 1st 00:00:00 GMT - 7 pm EST no more entries accepted - voting starts.

Anyone may vote on Nov 1st through Nov 7th.

Links to all entries can be found at

Demoparties, Events & Compos / Re: The $35 2009 SoOn Compo
« on: October 29, 2009, 17:23:31 »
I am able to contribute a piece to Chris Vaisvil's SoOn 2009 contest after all:



This new piece is called "The Saba Storm". Catchy, huh?

The scale employed in the composition is that of the Saba maqam, or else a Yarman-36a subset for the scale of said maqam. The 12-tone subset scale chosen from my notorious Yarman-36a tuning is given below:

Yarman-36a Saba maqam with perde rast on C
198.74659   D
347.40794   Eb (quartertonal)
381.44577   Ed
501.35622   F
649.32179   Gb (quartertonal)
896.75720   A
1001.88049  Bb
1200.00000  C

Don't be surprised if the established theoretical models (Turkish, Arabic, Persian, etc...) fail to faithfully represent maqams. You need something like Yarman-36a to render maqams like Saba, Ushshaq, Huzzam and Karjighar satisfactorily.

In the piece, I warped the Congas.mp3 sample by Norm Harris. It's hard to recognize, because the waveform has been reversed and processed with carefully chosen Logic Pro 8 plugins:

1-SpecGate: Dark Super Energy
2-FuzzWah: Crunchy Overdrive
3-EnVerb: Rolling Up
4-SpaceDsn: Modula B Delay & Hot Plate

Notice how the original Conga beat is transformed to an ethereal Saba aire in the background, which seemlessly intertwines with the "Saba-ishness" of the composition. Who would have guessed that the inharmonic spectra of congas would be so suitable for maqam Saba? The pitches of the congas match delicately with the Yarman-36a Saba subset.

Due to the limitations with the chosen scale (Logic Pro does not allow on-the-fly tuning changes), modulations are very limited. There is a savoury modulation to Ushshaq and later to a diminished Segah pentachord as the piece progresses. But Saba on D dominates throughout.

The length of The Saba Storm is 5:10 minutes. The size of the mp3 file is 3.9 MBs.

And yes, I am the one who sings the "gazel" vocal in Turkish. If anyone wonders what the words mean, just ask me!

This is my first true attempt at electronic microtonal maqam polyphony.

Comments are welcome!

Ozan Yarman

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