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The Lobby / Re: Hello i'm new be nice
« on: June 29, 2010, 20:32:04 »
Hi there! I've fallen for MilkyTracker as well. It's pretty smooth and the keyboard shortcuts are making more sense after I tried departing from FT2 controls. Good luck!

MilkyTracker Community / Re: Milky Screenshots, anyone?
« on: June 29, 2010, 19:39:14 »
Black, purple, and blue. Just as I had in FT2 (almost).

Thank you. I do, too. It's been about 11 years since I've picked up a tracker, and  it is definately *not* like riding a bike. I'll stick to my old method of tinkering til it sounds right, I mean I know I'm not Maelcum or another Purple Motion or 4mat, but I'm glad my reception has been warm so far.

Thank you.

A big furry one.

I already posted that I pasted the link to the exe out of habit from earlier that day.
The file size is because there are two unused instruments.
I've since changed them, used them and started getting it more complicated at around 30s. Will post when I can get back on.

I found a program that made xm's into exe's. I just got into the habit of copying that address from my FTP to my friends on AIM with no mod players of their own. Will get on changing it right away.

EDIT - Ok, I posted the XM's address exactly as it appeared in my ftp program. I don't know why it downloads for me as an invalid module.  I'll figure this out soon. Sorry!

or for those of you without mod players

EDIT- I've attached the file to this post due to FTP problems.

About 55 seconds, still needs the sitar drone in the background and a cello, but this is what I have so far. "Wayfaring Stranger" is an old hymn-type song I heard in female acapella once. Thought since it felt eastern to redo it in such a manner. Will end up being 2:30 and six channels if all goes well.

Should be a day or two and this'll be my first in... well... 11 years?

Made in Milky, an adequade crutch until I find the rest of my old 386 SX/33mhz beast for some FT209.

You people  were right. I've tried a bunch, but Milky Tracker seems llike the smoothest transition. Renoise won't save .xm's, (or play s3ms!!!) otherwise I'd use that.
Now I'm just going to hunt down a touchscreen for my 10" EEE and finish this half-done re-write of an old gospel hymn "Wayfaring Stranger". Been tinkering with it since my first post up there, for weeks (through a nasty virus  attack and two system reinstalls on the EEE). I like taking traditional songs and putting uncommon instruments into them. The aforementioned song will be re-done with a sitar on bass guitar distortion and two chip leads.

Good evening.
I first discovered mods in 95, with some little BBS-born shareware player that could only comprehend 4-ch songs. Found a neat one later called Cthulu that used visualizations before winamp/apple/mplayer ever could.

Anyway, I fell in love and it got awesome when I discovered two things:
A CD labeled SoundMod 1, and a copy of FastTracker 2.04.
I prodded into some of the great ones' tunes and tinkered with samples, note spacing, BPM and envelopes and stuck with it for about 3-4 years. Hard drive crash killed my 49 songs (most of them 6-ch and about 1.5 minutes each, kinda chippy, kinda ballade-ey). I ripped samples, never songs, and always gave credit. Not that I ever shared my music except with one person, but it's the thought that counts...

So I finally got over it, want to remake a few from memory, and start over. My plans are to use this EEE PC, smack a touchscreen on it, and track again. A song a week for as long as I can. I've already got DOSBOX, DOG, and FT209 on here, and finally found DOG settings to make the sound behave through DOSBOX under windows XP. Took weeks. Grr.

So I'm glad I'm here, and looking to talk FT2 or Renoise with anyone who's willing.

PS- The first MOD I ever listened to was Blueboxing. Hecks yes. And does anyone know what happened to a tracker named Deus Lucifer? I lost his mods in that crash, too, and would love to find them again.

Good night, and thank you!

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