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Tracking / How do YOU track a tune ? (Walkthru?)
« on: July 10, 2006, 18:07:49 »
Hello, I've been tracking for a while. But my tunes still sound very UNprofessional. The topic (above) vaguely suggests my problem.                    

 - I don't know where to or how to start composing my tunes.

 I am looking for tips!!, please. I've noticed many composers put the bass-line in the first track (01, to the utter most left), to later ? ad melody and chords.

 - Is my assumption true ?

 I haven't found my style of tracking yet and I'm always starting off on different parts (like: melody, drums, bass, chords etc.) of the tune every time. Do you think that i care to much and should just go and track like HELL!!!, or do you guys have any tips on how to start composing a tune.

 - Do u choose wich samples to use in the early stage of composing ?

etc.etc. plz many answers. discuss!!

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