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Bug Report Archive / Another crash on load
« on: May 01, 2010, 04:28:10 »

cannot decode 4th pattern (at 0AAFh, MT thinks it starts at 0AB0h and has 1 byte length and crashes)



freezes with infinite loop at:
.0046F3F3: 8BCF                         mov         ecx,edi
.0046F3F5: E816F2FFFF                   call       .00046E610
.0046F3FA: 807E1401                     cmp         byte ptr [esi+14],01
.0046F3FE: 74F3                         je         .00046F3F3

seems like cannot load samples, if interrupted saves backup.xm with patterns but no samples...
The file seems to be ok, at least VLC can play it.

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