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MilkyTracker Support / Re: Starting questions
« on: July 20, 2010, 03:52:13 »
1) Ah, useful to know! So, if I have milkytracker playing an F# it’ll play the envelope until the sustain point [assuming I’ve specified one] and then either jump to a new note if I have one or continue ‘till the end of the envelope if it reaches a rectangle? When are loops played in an envelope?

2) I’ve been messing around by generating waveforms in milkytracker and then drawing bits in. I’ve been careful to keep the sample size a multiple of 32/64 but I’m not sure not to create specific sounds. It’s like have paints , brushes and a blank canvas but no real idea how you’re meant to draw a portrait...

3) I think I get it, and thanks for mentioning the documentation link! I’ve downloaded the key map and I’m looking over it now.

MilkyTracker Support / Starting questions
« on: July 17, 2010, 01:05:02 »
Hi there! I’ve finally got round to downloading and Milkytracker and I’m getting to grips with it but I’m struggling a little. Thanks to youtube and an online guide I’ve got a handle on how to use the software but there’s bits I’d appreciate help with:

1) On the example song Slumberjack there are rectangles beneath some of the notes, and in the 2nd channel at the beginning. What purpose do they serve, and how do I create them?

2) When I create samples they never sound exactly as I want them to. Is there and in-depth guide to creating different sounds with them, perhaps a separate utility or somewhere where I can compare different samples?

3) How does Milkytracker read notes and command? In some places in Slumberjack there’s a lone note with a single command that plays for ages, while in others there is one note then a long list of commands while at other points the same note is repeated multiple times with the same command.

Looking forward to getting my hands dirty... :evil:


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