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Tracking / Crash course in tracking
« on: March 30, 2007, 19:11:33 »

       I'm new here, and new to tracking.  However, I'm no stranger to music, midi, and sample programming.  I have been reading as much as I can around forums, websites, everything about tracking.  However, I feel that I need some straight up advice on where to start.  I'm running on Windows XP, and that is my only option for an OS right now.  I've found that I may need to Fasttracker 2 (or Milkytracker?).  Also what about modules?  Do I need little samples that are specifically meant for mod music, or do they come with the tracking programs?

The scenario is this.  I got a call from friend who is on a tight deadline, and told me he needs 20 minutes of music in 2 weeks for a Nintendo DS game.  DS obviously uses trackers, but is it just plain .xm format, or something else?  Am I starting in the right place?  Do I write in MIDI first, and import it to a tracker?  Is that even possible?

Anyway, I'm asking for some super basic, straight foward advice, so I can get started quickly.  Any links may be helpful.  Just tell me what I need, and any little pointers, and I will work like a dog figuring this stuff out.  Thanks.  :D


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