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Wow, what about this song? I feel that this is a most excellently-made one, for sure.

edit: and THIS ONE... wow. Get your dancing shoes on when you play this.

Listen to my modules (especially to Winter's Darklight !!!), then come back again.


I am particularly inclined toward putting on my rotation.  8)

There are thousands of good modules waiting to be spotlit, not just this one. ;)

Anyway, it's indeed a nice tune so I featured it.
Awesome, thanks!

Also, if I may, I would like to point out this one by aquafresh and see what the staff thinks:

I know there are a bunch more on here that may be worthy of spotlights, if you don't mind me suggesting them here?

The Lobby / I am genuinely surprised that this song is not spotlit
« on: April 26, 2016, 08:18:16 »
Baghdad Groove by Andromeda:

Anyone else agree?

I'm looking for a way to download all of an artist's music via one link. I think it would save on page loads, honestly, not to mention time. If this function exists already, I don't exactly see it.


Look what I made! / Unreal Scene!
« on: April 16, 2007, 00:43:56 »
Quote from: "Ceekayed"
I'll just put it shortly: Most of the leads are mixed rather badly (too long NNA note-fades, or just silly sounding samples), and again, I'm waiting for more variation, especially to the drums/backgrounds.
This wasn't my cup of tea. Yet, the atmosphere was good, but 6 minutes is way too long. Simple soloing over the same backgrounds just cannot keep up the mood.

This song isn't Necros quality but it's light years ahead of the ones I've downloaded over the last 3 days and it's up there with your Elusive Dreams one; in comparison, though, it has a bit more exciting twists and turns.

Now I'm not a music pro but IMO the flutes in "Unreal scene" could stand to have better samples and be lowered in volume.

Other than that, this song is much like your Elusive Dreams - it doesn't sound like the usual suspect trax with the usual Nintendo-like samples, it sounds more like something a semi pro did on pro equipment.

The Lobby / Intro: Raveolution
« on: April 16, 2007, 00:26:51 »
I'm Raveolution. Hailing from California! I was listening to trax back in 1995. I used to listen to JPOP/Anime music and thought the Japanese pwned the entire music scene until the trackers blew them right out of the friggin water. Then the trax scene went south so I went back to anime right as Yoko Kanno was flooding the scene with her awesome music. Then I stopped hearing new stuff from her and anime music took a dive for the "kawai neko chan" scene and well here I am, back hoping the trax scene might be on some kind of revival...

I need good music. I need it real bad!!!

The Lobby / Man, I miss the heck out of Five Musicians
« on: April 16, 2007, 00:22:42 »
I was downloading trax mods when Necros, Basehead, mellow-d and WAVE were still putting out music, and then there was the group "Pinion", too. I'd throw in the boys who made the "Ur-Quan Masters" Precursors remix - that stuff is downright wicked sick - but their stuff is ogg format, not trax.

Is there anything out there that's even close to the trax classics? Maybe I'm downloading all the wrong things right now? :?:

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