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That's handy to know.  o_o  Thanks!

Anyway, all my modules are sorted in their appropriate categories now, ancient S3Ms link to the newer versions, my profile has had BBCode added...  Not at all bad for four day's work. (I would've replied sooner, but I've been busy.)  Thanks once again for all your help, m0d!  I (quite literally) couldn't have done this without you.

With your patron satisfied, this topic can now be closed, if you'd like.  And yes, expect more uploads in the future.  I am here to stay, if not actively than historically!  :D

And to whomever added me as a Featured Artist, cheers!  I didn't think my old-new stuff was that interesting...  ^_^;

That...  Yeah!  That seems to have done exactly what I wanted!  Fantastic!  You are a most awesome admin, m0d.  Thank you very much for your help and patience.  ... and... *facepalm*  Oh for the love of...  I have another alternate account?  I... have hard time believing I could have possibly been that thick, to make an account then make another one three months later... but there it is.  *shakes head*  I feel like an ass for asking, but would it be possible to just... get rid of that one?  My old account from April -- the one I'm currently using -- has more modules on it anyway.  Again, I an very sorry for this...  Had I known about that account, I would've said something, but it didn't even show up in the Search thingy.

Either way, I'm quite happy with having my old account back.  Thank you, thank you!  Now, I seem to have a bit of work ahead of me, figuring out what modules .  This should be fun...  x_x;

Uh...  Let me get back to you on this one.  I do want to do everything you suggested, but I can't really do much until the modules I uploaded a couple days before I posted this are processed and added into the archive proper.  Like I said, I had no idea I even still had an account here.  Because I never looked before re-signing up.  x_x;


After many, many years, I decided to come back to The Mod Archive and poke around.  Most recently did I decide to contribute again.  However, in searching for random modules, I happened to stumble upon a couple things that really caught my attention:
- I apparently made an account back in 2002, which I'd completely forgotten existed up until just recently.
- Even prior to that, quite a few of my tunes are already on the site, but unassociated with any account!

This got me thinking about things...  Essentially, what I'd like to do is merge my new account, "Joseph Collins", into my old account, "Joseph D. Collins", having the password and e-mail changed to that of my new account and have all the tunes by "joseph fox" that aren't associated with either account associated with the merged account, or more preferably, outright deleted.  My reason for the latter?  I have new versions of a majority of those tunes which sound infinitely better and would be willing to upload them if there's any interest.  My reason for the former?  ... I like being considered an "oldbie".  ^_^;

So, is any of this possible?  If so, what steps should I take to make it happen?  Mind you, I don't have the username of password of my old account anymore, though I could make guesses all day...

Thank you for your time!

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