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There has been an active metal mod scene in the 90s and maybe still early 00s which had some amazing output, but I think that is also mostly dead these days.

Aww, too bad.  I quite like glacial.xm and other metal mods I've found here.

And to answer your question a bit more: While I don't use MilkyTracker, I don't use my tracker (OpenMPT) for chiptunes. I'm mostly interested in synthpop and trance. My samples mostly come from the WaveWorld torrent, old synthesizers and VST plugins (for synths and drums), or from the Vengeance sample packs (for drums). I don't do music with guitars (like metal) very often, but when I do, I usually get friends to record guitar riffs and solos for me, simply because it sounds so much better than pre-made oneshot guitar samples.

Yes, good guitar instruments are few and far between.  The TI-R ones don't have that "metallic" sound; just proper notes (apart from one riff example).

For some reason I don't want to use complete guitar riffs; I don't know why but it feels a bit like cheating.

MilkyTracker Community / Using MT for something other than chiptunes?
« on: November 15, 2012, 06:41:59 »

From casual googling, youtube videos and recent updates to the modarchive it seems MT is mostly used to create chiptunes.

As a rule I don't like them; nor techno.  Are there people out there who use MT for something else these days?  If so, where do you get your instruments/samples?

My first project has been Fur Elize, using instruments from the TI-R project (kiarchive torrent).  As well as scavenging from other mods.

For those who ask, my main musical interest is symphonic metal.

Bug Report Archive / Re: Unable to load this mod (0.90.80)
« on: November 14, 2012, 09:58:31 »
Raina pointed out on #milkytracker that this particular mod has more than 32 channels.  This means it's one of those incompatible mods; and therefore not a problem with MT itself.

Bug Report Archive / Unable to load this mod (0.90.80)
« on: November 14, 2012, 05:28:07 »
Hi all,

This particular mod: searcheffort.xm fails to load in 0.90.80.  (What I got with apt-get).

The message I get is
Errol while loading/unknown format.

Xmp plays it without problems.

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