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Bug Reports / Re: Site issues. Content Errors
« on: October 15, 2019, 00:26:34 »
In the site footer on the startpage under the header "Sites we like", there's a banner linking to

However, that site is a wedding invitation card creator in Sydney.

Did you really mean to link to that page, or perhaps that domain has changed content? :P

Sure. Please provide us a list of modules which are yours, and they will be moved to a separate profile. This may take a few days to process since most of the TMA crew will be at Outline Demoparty this weekend, so bare with us. :)

Hey Saga Music! Sorry for the late reply... I've sent you a PM about the details.


I'm ArchAngel from Sweden (most active late 90's) and I have some 20 tunes here at the archive. However, it seems as if I am sharing my archive with the Norwegian Archangel that was active on the Amiga scene in the late 80's. There are in total 86 modules in our archive, which is then not really correct.

My tunes were uploaded by, what I believe was one of the founders way back when TMA started, and I unfortunately had no control of which tunes were published.

Is it possible to split my profile into two artist pages, and perhaps in that process also delete some duplicates of some of my modules that have been uploaded with different file names?

I will be happy to assist with input to which modules are mine and also which duplicates of mine that can be removed.


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