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Cool! Thanks for the identification of the first track!

I don't know if they are from a game. I downloaded them from this site many years ago, but they were renamed and converted to ogg so I could play them on my player. But that process lost all the info.

Help me find that... / Can you help identifying these 4 tracks
« on: July 07, 2018, 22:31:04 »
Hello, Can you help me identify these 4 tracks:

All I know is that they're hosted in this website, but I have no clue who are the composers and what's the title of any of these tracks. Thank you.

How to get rid of the Java Security Warnings when playing random modules?

This window appears every 2 or so songs when the random player is changing songs. I'm with the latest java version and I tried the "Disable verification" option, but this annoying window still appears.

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