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MilkyTracker Bug Reports / Oktalizer bugs
« on: November 11, 2014, 22:18:19 »
Hello there, i do tracks on oktalizer since '92, and i noticed that when i load em on milkytracker there are few importing bugs, all regarding the channel effects:

1 > it reads the volume changes only in the position they are writed..
inside oktalizer for example if i change the volume in 1 , the sample will following stay at volume 1 till another volume change parameter will be encountered.

2 > about the note change it doesn't works at all..

that parameter is changed with L (-) and H (+)

3> about the pitch slide it reads it but not how the oktalizer does , i think because when you work in 8-channels mode the oktalizer doesn't let you play samples at A#3 and B-3, that are available only in 4-channels mode.

that parameter is changed with D (-) and U (+)

hope this informations can helps you to fix those bugs... milkytracker has the potential to be the best tracker with the amiga sound emulator on it!  ;)

totally agree with that!

i use oktalizer and like protracker there's a sampler inside.. but i use it inside the "winuae" emulator so unfortunately on pc version the sampler doesn't work.. 

i even contacted the master who actually is programming it but he is interesting in everything regarding amiga features except that thing  :'(

if they can put a sampler on milkytracker it would be a chance to have the best tracker around (with amiga sound support)  :o

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