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Ring modulation is just a special case of amplitude modulation (AM).

Well one could argue, amplitude modulation is a special case of ring modulation (with one signal DC shifted into the positive) but - despite the name - the "Amp Modulate" feature actually is a full fledged ring modulator, so unless you DC shift, it already operates as such ;)

MilkyTracker Community / Re: Help with "Ring Modulation"
« on: April 11, 2020, 03:45:14 »
In the Sample editor, one can do Ring modulation using "Amp Modulate" from the "Extended Paste" menu.

The Amp Modulate filter is really a ring modulator. Make 2 samples of equal length. Copy one into the clipboard. Go to the other. Select Extended Paste -> Amp Modulate

The result will be a ring modulated mixture of both (effectively multiplies both signals)

A "True" Amplitude modulation can be achieved by DC-shifting one of the two samples into the positive, and the running the very same filter.

I am however unaware of any faking of ring modulation at playback time using effects.

Thanks for the suggestion, I have been working on that, maybe it makes it into a future Milkytracker version ;)

never played skyroads, I couldn't tell ;)

Here is a video of how to make these samples

Hi guys.

I have been working on some new features of the sample editor in Milkytracker.

This little tune (very repetetive, since only 2 patterns ;) ) is a demo of these new features,
All samples have been created entirely within Milkytracker using the (existing) function generators, improved filters and new features for amplitude, frequency and phase modulation.

See the experimental code branch here:

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