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The Lobby / I am crying...
« on: July 11, 2018, 23:51:28 »
When checking the content of really old CDs, I found some that I named "VIP" back then: Very Important Programs  ;D

On one of them (I made a dozen) I found a Mod-Player named X-Player with five *.dmf Files from 1994. I remembered that I used to listen to Modules for hours then I was 14+ (born 1979). Thanx to DosBox and Audacity, I was able to convert these DMF-Tracks to MP3.

One song I remember a lot is Street Jungle and that is how I came here, by googleling Street Jungle Module.

It is currently playing using WinAmp.

And I am crying happy tears now! Great times! Thank you for this Mod Archive. I guess I will search this Archive for all the long lost Modules that made my childhood simply perfect!

I attached a - just remove the zip, it is a Winamp Playlist. I will try to find as many of those as possible!

PS: I cant remember which Mod-Player I used back then. Thanx to DosBox, it would work again. Any suggestions?


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