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The Lobby / Re: Free Modules?
« on: April 20, 2022, 21:16:04 »
Hello, thanks for the additional info. I've only just read the signature, I find mpt to be a very professional piece of software, which I don't use myself (because there's no support for linux - it would be nice if that were the case, the only one I know that converts midi to mod, right?), I know steinberg cubase from the 90s. my app could also be interesting for tma users, most mods sounds very good...

The Lobby / Re: Free Modules?
« on: April 20, 2022, 20:05:00 »
Thank you I found it. (Above all, the info that copyrights must be assumed for anonymous modules) I have one more question, are modules that are a copy of an original (e.g. (I think it was converted from midi?) legal for duplication? (my app is a music player for different formats with a small equalizer and graphic output and will be called yammp!) i will try to publish it in a few days. there is still a little work to be done.
(and sorry for any grammatical errors, english is not my native language)

The Lobby / Free Modules?
« on: April 19, 2022, 21:37:09 »
Hello, I know the question is dealt with in the faqs, but it's still too vague for me, so I'm looking for 3-5 modules that can be packed with a (free) app in the google store. Many of the modules are from the 90s and often contain no credits at all for the creators. Could someone name me a few modules or help with this? I am aware of the modules packed with milkytracker, but there is no information about copyrights ect.
Thanks very much. (The app plays Module Files, among other things)
(I'm not a company, it's a hobby)

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