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MilkyTracker Feature Requests / Volume Ramping Options
« on: December 13, 2022, 15:10:59 »
Dear MT development team,
I'm a huge fan of Milkytracker and am currently in the process of unlearning Ableton Live (which I've used since version 8 ) and getting into the tracking zone. First of all massive thanks for providing up to date cross platform software to do so (and for free, wtf~).

I have a small feature request/question regarding volume ramping. I've noticed that with volume ramping enabled, transients at the start of my sample are ramped away. That's why I've been using MT without volume ramping, however things like channel volumes and instrument envelopes tend to get really clicky without them. I'm aware that I could go back to using volume ramping ON and delay each of my samples (to preserve the overall timing)  manually by a few milliseconds but that seems really cumbersome to do. Or is there another way to circumvent this? Do others just not care about the initial transients on their kickdrums?

This probably might collide with being Modtracker compatible but I would really love it if the volume ramping would not affect the start of the samples. Alternatively, there could be another option tickbox that just turns off ramping in samples but keeps volume ramping on otherwise.

Best and keep up the good work!

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