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Tracking / Modplug MOD trouble
« on: May 19, 2009, 00:46:16 »
I use Modplug for my tracking projects. However, I would always use IT and XM formats, because 3 problems arise when using Modplug to create MODs (though one of the problems isn't Modplug-specific.)

First-off, I notice the samples are all distorted and stretched out, playing back veeeeery slowly when previewed and/or played in the channels. Yet when I change the pitch up to a listenable level so I can actually USE the tracker, when I play back the MOD in another player, it sounds all off-key and high-pitched.

The second problem is more straightforward, I think, and arises with S3M files as well. When playing back the song/samples it plays only through one stereo channel, all lopsided and imbalanced.

Finally, here's the non-Modplug specific question. When browsing my collection of old MODs using Modplug, I noticed the average size for most of these MODs was VERY small, generally 90 to 98 kilobytes, with the 8-bit WAV samples being anywhere from 3 to 12 kb on average. And yet they sound perfect, hardly fuzzy or distorted at all. How on earth do I get similar results?

Help is strongly appreciated.

Ey! I'm looking for a musician who is up for some specific-styled music I need, for at least two games I'm currently working on.

the style I'd like

-generous use of low slap bass
-jazzy, catchy, usually happy melodies often played with synth brass
-rhythmic electronic beeps (square wave)
-steady, mellow beat usually with power drums

The arcade game Earth Defense Force and the Sega game Gunstar Heroes have this type of music if you've ever played them.

Let me know if you're up to it or what you think, and preferably you have AIM.

My AIM is Davinfeive...



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