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It goes like this. Whenever I load a song or sample (or anything from outside Milkytracker) the "Now Loading" box appears and doesn't go away until I load another sample or song. And then it just starts over again. Resulting in having me to load everything twice to make the box disappear.
Is this a known problem? If it isn't, do I need to supply more information?


MilkyTracker Community / Cutting notes?
« on: July 02, 2008, 15:34:37 »

While using MilkyTracker, I've come across a random problem: I don't know how to cut notes aside from using the ECx command. I've seen it happen by using some sort of.. boxes (that's an image example of what I mean) to cut notes. I don't know how to insert those things though, Modplug uses ^^, other trackers use ==, but what does this one use?
Is there any way to insert those.. box things without having to copy them all the time?

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