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Software Showcase / Flash-based module player released!!
« on: August 03, 2008, 19:58:59 »
Forget about the problems, i managed to fix them :-).

Here is the player and the code, finally i managed to implement most commands and test them with MilkyTracker (which is accurate enough). A few commands (three to be exact) aren't implemented yet, one of them will be soon. But all of them are rare and most modules play without problem. Also commands about panning are ignored because there is nothing to pan - the playback is in mono.

The player is written in haXe but it should be easy to use it with the normal Flash IDE (by generating the ActionScript 3 code with haXe's -as3 flag). The code is licensed under the zlib license, so you can use it without obligations.

Have fun and tell me if you find any issues (with info on how to fix, if you know :-)) or if you use this player somewhere.

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