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Okay, here goes;
In ascent.s3m, every now and then when there is a porta-to note, usually a series of 300 (following a 302 or something like that) it exaggerates the portamento effect (strangely, not on the echo track though). Even more weirdly, when I playback the pattern to double-check, it plays it fine... but then the problem recurs on the next pattern or two. This happens quite a lot in ascent.s3m.

Pattern 1B(21) and 1C(20); start playing from 1B so you can get the lead-in correctly, and something weird goes on. I'm not entirely sure what is going on here, because the channel in error is #3, which is playing sample 11. In my copy, sample 11 is extremely short (a4 bytes) yet the tracker is using command 934 which is an extremely large offset. Some double-checking is in order here, so just take this as an FYI.

The Lobby / Introduce yourself - De_Gopher
« on: February 23, 2006, 23:44:41 »
Hi, I'm Gopher, and... I'm a mad doctor. Well, almost. I am mad though. So watch out. Yeah. Beware. I'm mad. Quite mad. Yes, madder than mad. I'm mad.

Strepsils are nice.

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